Broadcast|U.S. Quietly Adds More Troops in Taiwan

By: MOS Education Team — Freedom166k

On November 24, Liberty Times in Taiwan reported based on Foreign Policy that Pentagon had sent more troops to Taiwan to protect the U.S. Embassy and train the Taiwanese military.

Currently, there are 39 U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan, including 29 from Marines, 5 Air Forces, 3 Navy, and 2 Army. Although the number is still small, now the steady increase almost doubles compared to last year. And for the past two years, the U.S. has been training the Taiwanese Army to defeat the CCP’s amphibious attacks.

Foreign Policy said that the steady increase of U.S. footprint in Taiwan could represent Washington’s concerns about Taiwan, as more defense experts began to doubt the U.S. ambiguous strategy. They questioned whether such policy was sufficient to deter the CCP attack on Taiwan and hoped the Biden administration could take a stronger stance on openly supporting Taiwan. 

In October, Business Insider in Africa also reported that the U.S. Army Special Forces and Marine Raiders had been training the Taiwanese counterparts since at least last year. 

Article: U.S. Quietly Adds More Troops in Taiwan

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