Japan Bans Global Travelers due to “Omicron” Variant

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Snorlax

On November 28, Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) raised the new mutant strain of New Coronavirus “Omicron” to the highest alert level and classified the virus as a “mutant strain of concern”. Previously, the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention had decided to consider “Omicron” as a mutant strain that requires the most vigilance.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Nov. 29 that Japan would ban all overseas travelers from Nov. 30. At the same time, he would also stop the implementation of the short-term stay for business people, as well as the nationwide entry permit for foreign students and technical trainees, which reopened on November 8.

According to international experts, more countries will join the “flight ban” and even the total blockade as more people infected with Omicron emerge, and the world will return to the era of the Great Blockade.

Reference: 日本因“奥密克戎”变种病毒禁止全球旅客入境

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