Chinese Communist Party Bribes World Mainstream Media to Ignore Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Snorlax

Recently, Miles Guo repeatedly broke the news on his grand live broadcasts that the CCP is no longer able to continue supporting the Taliban’s food and energy needs. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will continue to worsen. Taliban leaders repeatedly rape young girls, brutalize women, and indiscriminately kill innocent people every day. The shortage of food and energy in Afghanistan is worsening, resulting in massive civilian deaths.

On Nov 17, Miles revealed in his grand live broadcast that at least tens of thousands of people have already died in Afghanistan. In the next 80 days, there are another 800,000 to 1 million people going to die and about twenty-three million people are going to be living in starves and freezing weather in Afghanistan this year.  About 100 to 300 million people will die of starvation.

On November 28, Miles again revealed that more than 100,000 civilians have died in Afghanistan, and 23-25 million people are starving. In Afghanistan, there is already the phenomenon of trading virgins for food, and the tragedy of “man-eating man” is bound to happen.

The Chinese Communist Party and its supporting Taliban are the root cause of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. However, the world’s mainstream media, bought and controlled by the evil forces, has ignored the corruption and brutality of the Taliban regime and collectively silenced the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

reference: 中共收买世界主流媒体 无视阿富汗人道危机

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