Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Ayu

On November 29, Jack Dorsey issued an open letter of resignation and decided to step down as chief executive officer.

Twitter’s stock price rose 12% at the market opening. Sources said that Twitter’s stock price rose because the market believes that Dorsey’s resignation is a sign of M&A on Twitter soon. But the opposite opinion is that Twitter is facing overwhelming lawsuits and astronomical compensation, and the outlook is bleak.

In recent years, the “Silicon Valley technology oligarchs” led by Twitter and Facebook have ignored the First Amendment to the US Constitution, suppressed free speech, used political or profit-oriented speech to censor bans, delete posts, and even suspend accounts. Twitter was entangled in lawsuits, and Dorsey was repeatedly summoned by Congress to attend hearings. Analysts said that Dorsey’s resignation will help him get out of disputes and litigation.

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