Miles Guo Warns: Beware of the Collapse of the World Economy

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – tang777

On November 28, Mr. Miles Guo warned the world via a Gettr clip: The CCP is releasing a virus around the world, intending to limit the world economy to a major collapse.

Mr. Miles Guo said that when the virus breaks out into the world again, every country will shut down their countries. Material shortages and supply chains will inevitably break out, leading to a major economic collapse. Then the social turbulence will follow. Due to economic bankruptcy, the dictatorial governments will definitely create racial conflicts, social security incidents, control the media, and public opinion, tend to put all the blame on the people, seek scapegoats, and launch local wars in order to divert political crises. Wall Street people who hook up with the CCP are now more afraid than anyone else and are on tenterhooks.

Mr. Miles Guo once again reminded the people of the New Federal State of China that they must be united together to survive in the coming catastrophe of the human century.

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