The so-called publicist in China, a dirty and devious man—SiMa nan

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We know recently in China there is a so-called popular man, SiMa nan has published about 7 videos attacking the chairman of Lenovo-Liu Chuanzhi. In the videos, he claimed Liu betrayed China and had sold out the state-owned estate to the private, and so on. It seemed that SiMa nan is really a patriot.

But in fact, SiMa nan is totally a betrayer in China, not what he claimed as a patriot. In the internet, the people usually call he “Si Ma which head had been clamped”. Why does he have such a nick name?

In 2012 spring festival, SiMa nan who was focusing on the crisis of the United Stated in the Weibo, accidently had his head caught in the angle between the rolling ladder and vertical wall in the U.S. airport. And then the event had been widely broadcasted in the internet, and he also got nickname, “head clamped Si Ma”.

Many young people including the 95 to 00 generations are not familiar with SiMa nan, and he labelled himself as the first counterfeit fighter in China, Later, he became an anti-American maniac, fiercely attacking the “universal values” of the West.

He has been nominated for the “China’s First Ten Young Emerging Figures”, the “First National Special Contribution Award against Pseudoscience“, the “National Advanced Worker in Science Popularization”, and the “Outstanding Social Figures in 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up”.

But very interestingly, despise he fiercely opposed to the American Values, his wife, his son and daughter are all emigrated to foreign country. And when he was questioned by the outside world, he gave an unbelievable remark: “anti-Americanism is my work, living in America is for my life”

So SiMa nan’s behavior had induced the people’s anger in the internet. They said”

“head clamped Si Ma” is a bad person. Only CCP regime could have produced such a person as the same feathers gether together.

The character of SiMa Nan is such a spum and it seemed as people around the world are watching the performance of Kim Jong Un, they just couldn’t help feeling disgust.

Second, SiMa nan had tried his best to shoot the “love and hate: Fu cong Fu lei and things about them”.

In three episodes, upside down to talk about the things that Fu Cong ran away from mainland China.

In the Weibo, when talking about the things that Fu Cong ran away from mainland, SiMa nan once said:” In those days, some people glorified Fu Cong’s defection as a holy act, and at the same time held up the history of national scourges, and admired them. “”

We all know, in 2020, Dec 28th, Fu Cong, a pianist and son of Fu Lei, a translator of the Republic of China, died at the age of 86 after infected the covid-19.

But after the death of Fu Cong, the work 《The letters of Fu Lei》has become extinct. And History is well established about his defection:” The defection of Fu Cong is because of his father, Fu Lei, who was subjected to all kinds of criticism and humiliations at home and the criticism he himself was about to face, as well as his fate of being sent to work in the countryside. In that turbulent times, traditional culture was criticized and destroyed, many literati committed suicide in the era of cultural revolution, Fu Cong chose to leave his homeland to change his fate, now it seems to be very normal, but also in line with the choice of human nature. Fu Cong in 1959 publicly published on newspaper the statement of his three principles: one, not to become a British citizen; two, not to go to Taiwan; three, not to speak against the motherland, not to do anthig against the homeland. “

And SiMa nan turned black and white upside down, trying to discredit Fu Cong, and take the cause of Fu Lei’s subsequent suicide, attributed to Fu Cong’s “defection”, he spared no effort in its “love and hate: Fu Cong Fu Lei things about them” to Fu Cong as a defector. But the fact is that Fu Lei or Fu Cong, they were alive when there was no encounter with SiMa nan. The reason why SiMa nan intentionally discredited Fu Cong, is to intentionally praise and sing songs for inverse black-and-white era and the ten-year Cultural Revolution catastrophe.

Third, SiMa nan has criticism of Cui Yongyuan’s remarks on genetic modification food, he agreed with genetic modification.

On March 1, Cui Yongyuan released a documentary on genetic modification that he shot in the United States late last year, and on March 15, Fang Zhouzi posted an article questioning the falsification of an interviewee’s description of his experience in the documentary, which Cui also refuted. Sima Nan also questioned, on March 4, he retweeted a weibo by @speculationbasicallyreliesonmeng: “I have to say, the woman who claimed to be cured of terminal cancer after eating organic food for a month reminds me of the scene when Cui and Sima Nan joined hands to fight against pseudo qigong. To those who claim to rely on the practice of qigong and cured the woman with late-stage cancer by miracle, Cui Yongyuan called a liar ……I can not help but feel puzzled, what is the reason, let Cui Yongyuan embarked on this ……”, Simanan forwarded and said “Yes, it is!”

In the early morning of March 16, Cui Yongyuan tweeted that Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi choose to make rumors and falsehoods on this day of 3.15, whether they want to change the method on a long day? In fact, You two are the real fake.

In fact, it is true that genetically modified food is widespread, and it is also true that the EU has detected nearly 200 batches of rice products containing genetically modified ingredients, and the evidence provided by Cui Yongyuan is also true. But Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi ignored these facts, discredited Cui Yongyuan and supported GM foods. What they have done are very harmful for the society in China.

So we can say Simanan is totally a dog which was raised by Wang Qishan and totally a degenerate member of China, and I feel very sad that there is such a person in today’s society. Every Chinese people should reflect that what kind of society and environment has produced in such a rubbish.

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