The CCP’s “killing the rich and helping the poor” is a robbery in accordance with the law

Miles Guo

let me say from the bottom of my heart, Jack Ma should never be treated like this

Liu Chuanzhi should not deserve such a sentence, nor should his daughter’s Didi deserve such a sentence

So what does this essence have to do with this exchange? It is the beginning of a great plunder

It is the Communist Party’s killing the rich and helping the poor, what is meant by sharing wealth? It is just killing the rich and helping the poor

The key point is whether you can help the poor by killing the rich, the poor will become poorer, and the rich will not exist

Only the Communist Party will be richer, like killing more than 2 million landloads

In the end of China Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, killed nearly 80 million to 100 million people

And the land is all attributed by the Communist Party, and it’s still owned by the Communist Party today

Andthepeople still don’t have land property right now, and they haveto pay re-al estate tax

The so-called killing of the rich and dividing the land in this revolution is called robbery according to law from the beginning

Who said this first? let me tell you, it was first said by Wang Huning to Xi

We can no longer kill landlords to divide lands

But CCP will legally equalize wealth of the rich and the poor through market behavior, this is the original words of Wang Huning

When did he say it?that was 2006, at that time Wang Huning was pretty powerful

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Original Video Title: The CCP’s “killing the rich and helping the poor” is a robbery in accordance with the law
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