The Trial Of 47 Hong Kong Democracy Activists Is Really The Further Destruction Of Democracy In Hong Kong

Nov. 30th. 2021

Sze Tak-Loy (R), one of the 47 pro-democracy activists charged with conspiracy to commit subversion, arrives at West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts building to take part in a hearing, in Hong Kong, on Nov. 29, 2021. (Lam Yik/Reuters)

In a story by The Epoch Times on November 29th, 2021, it talks about a national security trial involving 47 Hong Kong democracy campaigners charged with conspiracy to commit subversion, most of whom have been in custody since March, and how the trial has been adjourned until March next year, the trial has been adjourned to allow for the translation of nearly 10,000 pages of documentary evidence. The now totally notorious 47, who include opposition politicians, are among more than 150 people arrested under a national security law that Beijing imposed on the former British colony last year and that critics say erodes the freedoms promised when it was returned to Chinese rule in 1997. But no one should be surprised when the communist regime says one thing and then does the absolute opposite.

Human rights groups are closely watching the case amid mounting concerns over Hong Kong’s judicial independence, which is seen as one of the pillars of its financial success. Under governance by the UK government as a British colony, Hong Kong enjoyed a wide variety of freedoms especially freedom of speech which is now one of the reasons that so many Hong Konger’s have been arrested and detained due to them demonstrating and voicing their opinions regarding the authoritarian communist regime.

The eyes of the world will be focused on this trial as it will go to prove just how paranoid and over-bearing the totalitarian regime is when it comes to absolutely anyone speaking against them, Only 14 of the 47 have been released on bail as the Chinese security law sets a high threshold for defendants seeking bail to demonstrate they would not break the law, a departure from common law practice, which puts the onus on prosecutors to make their case for detention. But as always China gets what China wants and if you or anyone were to speak out against them then they would also be detained under this ridiculous new security law.

For more information about this story please click the link: Trial of 47 Hong Kong Democracy Activists Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Subversion Adjourned Till March

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1 month ago

There is no democracy in Hongkong.

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