Journalists And Foreign Students To Be Surveillance Targets In Mainland China

Nov. 30th. 2021

The Chinese flag flies behind a surveillance camera / Reuters

In a story by The Washington Free Beacon on November 29th, 2021, it talks about how so-called security officials in Henan one of China’s largest provinces have commissioned a surveillance system that they want to use to track journalists and international students among other “suspicious people,” obviously the communist regime has been carrying such surveillance for many years now all over Mainland China. But these particular cameras must be able to build a relatively accurate file for individuals whose faces are partially covered by a mask or glasses, and those targeted must be searchable on the database by simply uploading a picture or searching their facial attributes. Plus all this must be supplied and installed within two months of signing the contract.

The new system is to be a 3,000+ facial recognition camera system at an estimated cost of almost $800,000 and this contract has been awarded to Chinese tech company Neusoft. China is trying to build what some security experts describe as one of the world’s most sophisticated surveillance technology networks, with millions of cameras in public places and increasing use of techniques such as smartphone monitoring and facial recognition. The system will be operated by at least 2,000 officials and policemen and specifies that journalists will be divided into three categories: red, yellow, green, in decreasing order of risk, all of this sounds like a science fiction movie but this is all pretty normal for the paranoid communist regime as they have a desire to watch over and control their citizens as well as all foreigners especially journalists in a bid to quell any unrest as soon as if not before it happens.

In October last year, the Henan government published on its procurement platform for prospective suppliers a short summary of the intended project in which it said the system would be “centered on foreigners” and help “protect national sovereignty, security, and interests.” But as we are well aware the communist regime keeps an eye on absolutely everyone including their own citizens, but now some press freedom groups say the ruling Chinese Communist Party has tightened control over the media since Chinese president Xi Jinping took office in 2012. This will only get worse as the communist regime has always been about oppressing its people and keeping an eye on them wherever they are especially the minorities like the Uighur Muslims. 

To learn more about this story please click the link: Chinese Officials Plan Surveillance System To Target Journalists, Foreign Students

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