Mr. Wu is dying, but the hospital still refuses to use ivermectin for various reasons

And it’s really important because it’s a life-saving measure and there’s almost no downside to it.

Another ivermectin battle unfolding in the suburbs, a local family when illegal battle yesterday to gain approval to administer the controversial drug to a 71-year-old man who’s been on a ventilator since October 19. Song Ng came here last month from Hong Kong to visit his daughter Mon Quan Ng and her family.

He contracted COVID within days, he was on a ventilator at Edward Hospital in Naperville. His daughter Mon Quan was desperate. She wanted the hospital to try ivermectin. But they refused based on various national medical guidelines, which suggest ivermectin isn’t effective.

Mr. Ng is as good as dead in the picture, which was taken on November 4. And at that point, the hospital still wouldn’t give him the ivermectin.

a DuPage County judge ruled in the family’s favour ordering the hospital to allow a doctor Alan Bane to administer the drug. But the hospital refused because Dr. Bane wasn’t vaccinated. After further legal wrangling and the doctor presenting a negative COVID test. The treatment of a series of 15 daily shots began last night and Ng’s attorney claims Mr. Ng is showing signs of improvement already.

And today, he passed a breathing test that he hadn’t been able to pass in the last three weeks, and he looks more alert and aware. So I would say that the first dose of ivermectin is actually working and it’s effective.



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