The Vaccine Disaster

Human beings have built a modern society which is unchangeable because of modernity, is disastrous because of modernity, is humanitarian catastrophizing in the disaster because of too modernization, And it’s incurable.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2021.11.24 The Vaccine Disaster


Do you think if this continues around the world? If the vaccination continues, will the supply chain not be broken? Even worse, let me tell you. it has a greater impact on upper and lower class of society. Rich people, religious people, famous people, lawyers, and accountants are all vaccinated. Wow!  You have a lawsuit. Where are you going to find a lawyer? The judge may be gone or not enough. The court has no electricity. What do you do? Human beings have built a modern society. Can’t be changed because of modernity. Disastrous because of modernity, too modernization. Cause humanitarian catastrophizing in the disaster. And it’s incorrigible. Who do you think can solve this problem?

These countries we just saw. The vaccine mandate continues. Brothers and sisters must remember the vaccine will definitely be stopped. The vaccine disaster is definitely designed by someone. Definitely from the Communist Party and the West. That’s the result of the joint crimes of these greedy bastards and the power of darkness. Otherwise, you will never see all mankind being muted unanimously by social media. You can’t imagine how terrible this is. Doctors can’t speak. Experts can’t speak. Pharmaceutical factory’s employees can’t speak. Dead people can’t talk. No matter what, they won’t let you speak. You can’t talk about the vaccine. A few extreme governments, like the governors of Australia. Police chiefs and military chiefs and you see vaccine promotion is only decided by 20 or 30 people in the world.

None of them are good. Here is no one who doesn’t have contact with the Communist Party. No one doesn’t look that hideous. Like that bad guy Bill Gates. You haven’t met him in person, I met him. He is a mentally unhealthy person. He made money by stealing technology. This bastard. The story of Silicon Valley is that he steals other people’s technology, Microsoft’s software. He is a mentally unhealthy thief. Now he wants to rule all mankind. The degeneration of the media collective. At the same time, several evil politicians in the world were inexplicably elected and became official and national leaders and let all mankind and all the people in their own country to shut up. Justin Trudeau, that guy from Canada. He is absolutely abnormal.

I have seen too much. Just like the defense officer I met two days ago, he said to me don’t use WiFi . Don’t give me WIFI. I don’t use the internet and printing. He said all the things you print out may appear on the dark web, all information through WIFI may appear on the dark web. As long as you have used it, it is not safe. If you want someone’s private videos, your enemy’s private videos or their Living conditions, just pay. These people who want this vaccine disaster to happen. Leaders of countries, their family’s information is so easy to get. I have taken down a vice-mayor Zhihua Liu who was going to be a member of the standing committee. Zhihua Liu was the commander-in-chief of the Beijing Olympics. It was not Qishan Wang , it was him and Zhihua Liu was in charge of Beijing police. I can take him down 3,000 people went to jail. Someone sent me bullets. Threaten me to Kill my whole family! So many things, right ! Spying me, they don’t have any private video of mine.

If I have any Improper relationship with others. They can take me down. Absolutely no. No dirty money, no tax evasion. I never scared of them. I have been through things. For me, just like the vaccine disaster, everyone is facing right now. It’s life-threatening all the time. A person from the so-called security department who protected me. Suddenly told me, someone will pay 2 million yuan for 1 bullet in your head, 6 million yuan for 2 bullets. I laughed, do it!  That’s easy money. So many things like that. I had this feeling. I know what the evil can do behind the back. I know this vaccine disaster. Behind it are definitely the Communist Party and the evil power of the world.

You just like sheep, scared sheep. Being slaughtered and eaten. Other sheep is just there eating grass. Everyone is the same. It’s terrible, hateful. I don’t know what to say. Human beings end up like that today. I really don’t know. What words I can use to describe human beings. How we end up like that. Everyone is silent. Not only Chinese are being cowards. There are only a few heroes around the world. What a tragedy!

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