Mechanism of Action of Artemisinin and Iron in the Human Body

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On November 27, Himalaya Farm of Mountains of Spice published an video on GETTR called “Artemisinin Derivatives and Iron”, describing the proper use of iron and precautions in the use of artemisinin in details.

Due to the high affinity of artemisinin to iron, adequate amounts of ferritin, hemoglobin and transferrin are essential for the optimal performance of artemisinin and its derivatives. People suffering from iron-deficiency anemia, or healthy women in their menstrual cycle may need to take iron supplements in advance before taking artemisinin, because their iron level is relatively low.

Hemoglobin Molecule

The iron product that is most readily absorbed by the body and produces the fewest side effects is heme iron, which can bind to all artemisinin derivatives. Vitamin C taken together with iron can enhance the absorption of iron by the body. However, iron is not suitable to be taken at the same time with magnesium, zinc, calcium and tea, which will reduce the absorption of iron by the body.

Artemisinin - Wikipedia
Chemical Structure of Artemisinin

The action of artemisinin is believed to depend on the iron-mediated activation of the endoperoxide bridge and the generation of free radicals.


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