Miles Guo Talked About Four Things that Will Definitely Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate

Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89

In the live streaming on Nov. 26, Mr. Guo talked about four things that will definitely stop global COVID vaccine mandate.

First: Until two months ago, at least 60 percent of the world’s population had received the COVID vaccine, but now more than half of those people are opposed to the vaccine mandate. So far, more than half of the world’s population is against the COVID vaccine.

Second: Officials in the U.S., Japan, and Australia have told Mr. Guo that all overseas organizations of the Chinese Communist Party will be banned. People in many different countries are grateful for not taking the COVID shot because they listened to advices of the “Whistleblower Movement”. These people are a important force in the push to stop COVID vaccination.

Third: When more secondary disasters due to COVID vaccine break out, many government employees, military, polices, and doctors will unfortunately lose their lives. Without their services, people will not be able to live a normal life. So, people will eventually stand out against the COVID vaccine.

Fourth: The world financial markets will absolute collapse. Now, many people in world’s wealthiest and most powerful class are vaccinated, and their million dollar family properties may become ownerless in the future. Therefore, they will also provide strong support for stopping the COVID vaccination.

All those who manufacture, promote, and force others to receive COVID vaccines will face an international trial in law. Mr. Guo reiterates that the truth about the COVID vaccine that the “Whistleblower Movement” has spread to the world has become the greatest achievement of the New Federal State Of China!


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