Miles Guo Talks About How His Brothers-in-arms Should Deal With the Overseas Anti-Chinese Crisis

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Winsun

On November 26, Mr. Wengui Guo responded to his comrades in the live broadcast on how to deal with the global anti-Chinese crisis and emphasized that now all Brothers-in-arms can do only two things in anti-Chinese:

First, join any himalaya farm and keep in touch with the farm.  You cannot protect your own safety on your own. Only the funds, capabilities, and relationships coordinated by The New Federal State of China and the farm globally can save your brothers-in-arms.  In this anti-Chinese crisis, it is absolutely impossible for anyone in the world to be independent and safe!

Second, basic protective facilities should be prepared in accordance with the law, and special care should be taken not to spend money or make decisions indiscriminately.  Do less things that incur costs, especially don’t hoard gold and large amounts of cash, which will only bring danger.  A small amount of local currency and US dollars can be prepared.

Afterwards, Mr. Guo added that he hoped that his brothers-in-arms would not have any illusions and ignorant actions, only to join the farm and fully coordinate with the farm and The New Federal State of China.  He emphasized that The New Federal State of China  absolutely has a global plan, and no brothers-in-arms can do anything that The New Federal State of China cannot do.


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