Rising Electricity Prices and Soaring Wheat Imports Exposed CCP’s Propaganda Lies

Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

Image Source: 163.com

On November 28th, reports from multiple media in China revealed that after the CCP’s propaganda on a bumper harvest of grain and stable electricity prices in October, a completely opposite data was exposed in November.
Since late October, 26 out of the 31 provinces in China have announced successively to increase the electricity prices. Among them, seven provinces have increased by more than 50%, and Inner Mongolia has increased up to 80%.
In addition, according to data from the CCP Customs, from January to October this year, the CCP’s wheat imports have reached 8.08 million tons. It is almost certain that the whole year imports in 2021 will exceed the 8.38 million tons imports in 2020. Compared with the 1.2 million tons in 2010 and the 3.49 million tons in 2019, the CCP’s import growth in the first 10 years was relatively stable, but in recent two years there has been a leaping growth. Nonetheless, there is no significant increase in the official population. The fact of rising electricity bills and soaring food imports has exposed the CCP’s lies.


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