A Baltic Lawmaker Delegate Arrived in Taiwan after U.S. Congressmen’s Visit

Translated by: MOS Translation Team- LaoSan

Image Source: euronews.com

According to Taiwan’s media reports, right after U.S. congressmen from both parties visited Taiwan twice consecutively by special planes in November, 10 congressmen from three Baltic countries in Europe, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia arrived in Taiwan on the morning of November 28, attending the “2021 Open Parliament Forum” to be held in Taipei from December 2nd to 3rd. Among the 10 delegates, chairmen of Taiwan Friendship Groups in the three countries were included.
Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that these lawmakers will visit Taiwan’s Legislature on December 1. Currently, among the guests attending the forum, 15 people from 6 countries have confirmed their visits to Taiwan. The opening of the Parliament Forum is the first stop of Taiwan’s “Democracy Month” event. The Democracy Month was an annual event agreed by Taiwan Legislature and the American Democracy Association in a memorandum signed at the beginning of this year.


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