The Farm: Bloomberg News continues fake narrative


An article published on Bloomberg News perfectly identifies the ‘detachment’ from reality currently being experienced by many other ‘news’ organizations across the world in a single headline:


Here it is in isolation:

“Half of China’s Infections on Saturday Came From an International Flight”

As any form of reconciliation between this headline and the reality of the death toll continuing to mount across Europe and the United States shatters over the next few weeks — readers will begin (and continue) their search for alternative and more reliable sources of information. Many may inevitably conclude that these stories were either ‘planted’ or perpetuated in concerted efforts to bolster the CCP’s credibility during the crisis — while simultaneously attempting to discredit the response by the United States. This will lead to organic defections from corrupted media outlets like Bloomberg — just as water seeks to level itself by the forces of gravity.

Here’s an alternative headline for the writers and editors of Bloomberg to contemplate:

The CCP was not able to contain the spread of the CCP virus in mainland China.

Further – eerie historical similarities to mainstream media organizations of the 1930s-40s present themselves once again today. For example — the New York Times regularly buried stories about the Holocaust on the back pages of the paper, and then neglected to fully elaborate on what went on inside — just as they do today with the Uyghur in Xinjiang. Perhaps there are long term financial, political, or ‘other’ incentives (like access to a captive Chinese market — either purposed as consumers or as part of an organ donation pool) in play for those that effectively collaborate with the goals of the CCP.

These organizations have systematically failed to explain the gravity of the situation facing the Chinese people. Their stories continue to run in stark contrast to the harsh reality facing the Uyghur as they are shifted from concentration camps into forced labor across China just as production begins to restart in factories. This is — of course — just as the long dreaded “2nd wave” of infections begins to pick up speed across mainland China.

In the shadows — another virus begins to spread.

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