“Revolution Time” won the Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary Zhou

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“Revolution Time” director Zhou Guanwei delivered a video speech at the Golden Horse Awards ceremony. (Screenshot of YouTube channel TGHFF)

It belongs to every Hong Kong citizen who has a good sense and shed tears for Hong Kong

The 58th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards held an awards ceremony tonight (27th). Hong Kong director Zhou Guanwei’s documentary “Revolution Time” won the Best Documentary Award.

Director Zhou Guanwei failed to come to Taiwan to accept the award in person, and his acceptance speech was broadcasted at the conference. In the two-minute speech, Zhou Guanwei first thanked Taiwan and the Golden Horse Award, and said that the ending of “Revolution Time” reads “The work of Hong Kong people”, hoping that this work belongs to everyone who has a conscience and justice and shed tears for Hong Kong and Hong Kong people.

Director Zhou Guanwei also thanked every interviewee of the documentary. He specifically mentioned that a 16-year-old middle school student trapped in a polytechnic university, when he returned to middle school, his identity was already known to many people. When he entered the classroom tremblingly, every classmate and teacher hugged him. ” The whole classroom is full of tears, and the whole classroom is full of crying.”

Zhou Guanwei said that there is no way to put this scene into the movie, but he hopes that “Revolution Time” can be like a hug. “I cried many times when making this movie. I rely on this movie to comfort myself and vent my anger, hatred, and “fear and trauma to me”, he said, for those who are still in Hong Kong, including himself, as well as Hong Kong people in prisons and exiles overseas, “Even if you don’t have a chance to see it, I hope very much… I pray Heavenly Father, the existence of this movie alone can give you a comfort and a hug.”

“The Revolution Time” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France in July this year, and was then screened at many film festivals around the world. When “Revolution Time” was screened at the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan, tickets of 4 shows were sold out quickly, and 2 additional shows were screened. When the song “May Glory Return to Hong Kong” was played at the end of the film, the audience stood up to applaud and chanted “Recover Hong Kong’s Revolution” and “Hong Kong People Come On” and other slogans.

When it premiered on November 22, two interviewees in the documentary who moved to Taiwan also attended the screening. One of the interviewees said to the video link director Zhou Guanwei: “I’m sorry, I am more cowardly than you, because I am already in Taiwan.” Zhou Guanwei responded: “Hong Kong people say “I’m sorry” too much, we might as well say thank you, Come on! Thank you everyone!”

Commentary: Thank you, Hong Kong People, and thank you, Diretor Zhou Guanwei to give the world such a “hug” to cherish for the generations. Freedom is never free, and People in Hong Kong has shown the world the spirit and courage  in protesting against totalitarian CCP for more than a year long.

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