Chinese Communist Party media “qstheory” sets the tone and sings “two safeguards” to build momentum for Xi Jinping

Translated by: MOS Information Team – Sisyphus

On September 20, 2021, the home page of published an article entitled “Achieving the ‘two safeguards’ is the primary political task”, which was followed up and reprinted by many media such as and In Communist China, no matter what you do, once you set the tone as a political task, you must accomplish it without conditions, and you cannot question whether the task is reasonable.

“Two safeguards” is the slogan Xi Jinping put forward in 2018 to consolidate his political position which means to maintain the core position of the Party Central Committee and to safeguard the authority and centralized leadership of the Party Central Committee.

The article praised Xi Jinping for his “far-sightedness, overall overview, strategic planning and command” and for “making a series of major scientific judgments, proposing a series of major strategic strategies, and promoting a series of major tasks” with ” Marxist statesman’s superb art of political leadership,” concluding that “Xi Jinping is worthy of being the core of the Party Central Committee and the entire Party, winning the heartfelt support of the entire Party and the entire army, and winning high praise from the international community.” The “two safeguards” are essentially one and the same.


As Ding Xuexiang said, the two safeguards are in fact one, which is to safeguard Xi Jinping’s core position. This article once again confirms what Miles Guo said in his live broadcast, that there is no seventh standing committee in the Politburo of Communist China, but one standing committee, Xi Jinping, and that the South China pit has become “Xi a pit”. The article is a wild praise for Xi Jinping, obviously to build up the momentum for Xi Jinping before the 20th CPC Congress.

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