The CCP monitors British universities and business communities

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British Home Secretary Priti Patel. (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Recently, British Home Secretary Priti Patel accused the CCP of “shamelessly” monitoring British universities and business communities, threatening Britain’s national security.

During a recent visit to the United States, Patel mentioned this issue in a speech at the Heritage Foundation.

According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, Patel stated that the United Kingdom will amend the State security laws to take into account new espionage threats, such as stealing secrets through cyber hackers or spreading lies through cyber “water army”(paid posters)to destabilize the country.

Although she did not explicitly mention which countries these measures are aimed at, it is generally believed that what she is referring to is the CCP.

She said: “Governments monitor each other, but now surveillance has developed further, including surveillance of our universities and businesses. Countries want to influence each other, which is not improper in nature, but we will never allow national security to be threatened.”

She said that she would not hesitate to condemn those “malicious” government agencies or government-backed “malicious” organizations in Russia, China, and Iran.

She also said that the United Kingdom will hold the CCP accountable through a bilateral agreement signed between the two countries in 2015, which enumerates acceptable behaviours on the Internet.

Commentary: The CCP has so much influence upon UK that it refers UK as its British province.

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