Miles Whistleblowing 11/28: Xi Jinping will Make the CCP Dance on the Meat Grinder

Written by: Ermat

In a live broadcast on November 28, Mr. Guo Wengui said that we still adhere to “Guo’s Seven Rules”. We do not attack Xi Jinping because we want him to take down the Communist Party for us. The bitter hatred between Xi’s family and the CCP and his stupidity will send the CCP to the meat grinder.

We must adhere to “Guo’s seven rules” and not attack Xi Jinping. One of the intermediaries said, Xi Jinping is the one who signed the document to let your wife and daughter leave, so you can’t attack his family. Liu Yanping doesn’t even know why Xi Jinping signed this document. This is almost the biggest miracle in the history of China, and this will not happen again. I have to maintain my commitment and credibility, I will not attack his family, I will not attack Xi Jinping. But your attack on Xi Jinping and your attack on his family has nothing to do with me. But on Gnews, Gtv, now don’t attack his family and him. I do think the more Xi sticks around now, the better. I think the Communist Party can only be destroyed if Xi Jinping is there, and the Communist Party can’t be destroyed without Xi. Now Xi can do what we can not do.

But “Guo’s seven rules” will not change, absolutely not against the country, not against the nation, but against the corrupt officials ruling the country, against the triads ruling the country, against the police ruling the country. The reason I don’t attack Xi Jinping is that we are now allowing Xi Jinping to exterminate the Communist Party for us. The purpose of not attacking Xi is for Xi Jinping to help us destroy the Communist Party and achieve our destruction of the Communist Party with the Communist Party. Xi Jinping and his family have a far greater hatred for the Communist Party than we do. He saw his sister hang herself with his own eyes. His father was imprisoned for sixteen years and ate shit in front of him. He was imprisoned and beaten three times.. His back was hit by a tractor like that. He was paraded through Liangjiahe for committing adultery with a woman.

So his hatred for the Communists is much greater than mine. One of my brothers died, but my father was not put in prison for sixteen years. My dad’s leg was broken, but my dad didn’t eat shit. The Communist Party all owes our family a life. That’s why Xi Jinping is the best representative we’ve sent to destroy the Communist Party. Why are you exterminating this man? Let’s not take down Xi until the Communist Party is destroyed? It is better that Xi Jinping and the Communist Party perish together.


2021年11月28日 文贵大直播

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