The All-New Omicron Variant Is Big Pharma’s License To Print Money

Nov. 28th. 2021

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According to a story by Becker News on November 26th, 2021, it talks of how the Omicron variant, the latest Covid mutation grabbing international headlines, is already causing a devastating and panicking effect throughout the world. Global authorities in the U.K. and the E.U. are tightening their borders in anticipation of another Covid wave. The timing seems perfect for yet another so-called variant, with people worrying about the winter flu virus and the ever-increasing Covid infection rates it seems that now we have to deal with another ‘potentially deadly’ variant. Big pharma will be rubbing their greedy little hands together with the anticipation of making billions of dollars with yet another new rushed-to-market experimental vaccine. 

In the United States, New York’s governor Kathy Hochul has already cancelled elective surgeries in the state citing the Omicron variant, which seems to be an over-reaction as the transmissibility and deadliness of this latest Covid mutation are as yet totally unknown. The variant is believed to have originated in Botswana and could be playing a role in a Covid surge in South Africa. The variant has so far been identified in Botswana, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam in The Netherlands and the UK.

So far we know absolutely nothing about this ‘all-new variant’ yet already face masks in public places are again compulsory in the UK and will be compulsory all over Europe within days, flights and travel have been stopped and it seems we are back to where we where over a year ago. Will this new variant risk the reintroduction of lockdowns and thus pressure people to get whatever new and still experimental vaccines are offered to them, this new variant is a covid cash cow to greedy big pharma and could be said to be their license to print money.

People need to do their own research and make an informed decision and decide if they should inject a relatively untested, experimental, and extremely rushed-to-market massive profit vaccine into their own and their children’s bodies. Do not rely on the super corrupt mainstream media as they are in the pockets of big pharma and their twisted narrative has always been ‘vaccinate absolutely everyone’, obtain your potentially life-saving information from trustworthy news outlets like GNEWS for example as they are always completely transparent regarding all of their news and always recommend that everyone looks further into the stories and do their own research.

Always take good care of yourselves and your family and make your decisions based on facts and common sense and not on what you get told to believe by dishonourable and corrupt mainstream media.

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