Disaster of COVID-19 and its Vaccine as Twin Bioweapons Gradually Emerging in CHINA

Author: Danny Boy

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According to the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as of November 24, 2021, the number of people that have received their SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine nationwide, 1,225 million (86.9%); 1,076 million (76.3%), 65.7 million (4.6%), for the first, the second and the third dose, respectively.

The Communist Party has used deception and coercive tactics to push more than a billion people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and it has been silent about the side effects of the vaccine and has never reported them. On November 18th, the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, Sinopharm Group, issued a report stating that the new crown vaccine in Argentina was monitored for adverse reactions: 7.9 adverse reactions per 100,000 people aged 3-11 and 12-17 years, mainly mild and moderate allergic reactions, and 1.2 serious adverse reactions were coincidental (not related to vaccination). At the same time, the report also noted that children and adolescents had significantly reduced antibody levels six months after vaccination and needed a third injection.

Major domestic media continue to promote the safety of vaccines in China, in line with the government’s vaccine policy, continue to encourage people to get vaccinated. Local governments of various levels require young children, primary school students, community workers to get COVID-19 inoculated. For example, in Beijing, it requires couriers, takeaway personnel to get the jab, otherwise they cannot be on duty. They are in complete disregard for the serious consequences of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Since the second half of 2021, various domestic media have some coverage of the vaccination effects. This occurred after some young people died suddenly in public places, restaurants and some netizens posted epilepsy videos.  Some business owners’s human resource managers start to discuss on the Internet how to respond to sudden death of employees.  

In Weibo, WeChat, people continue to suspect there may be a correlation of between COVID 19 vaccine and the diagnosis of leukemia, myocarditis, cancer and other serious symptoms.  Domestic media attributed the recent surge in sudden death, epilepsy, cancer and other cases to excessive overtime, less exercise, improper diet and other reasons, attempting to divert people’s attention to the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccine.

The dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine, Mr. Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China, revealed the truth of the virus as early as in early 2020 and made it clear to the world in November last year that the new coronavirus is a biochemical weapon.   And the COVID-19 vaccine is the most lethal weapon of murder in this crisis. Myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, cancer-promoting and other conditions can occur after the COVID 19 vaccine.

China’s COVID 19 vaccination rate has reached 86.9%, over time, such a high vaccination rate will make more people developing sickness gradually, this biochemical crisis is, at this very moment, bringing humankind an irreversible human cleansing.  We will see people around us suddenly die, and many people will stay in the hospital to spend all their assets and die in grief!  

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