11/26/2021 Summary  of Mr.Miles Guo live broadcasting from GTV.org

1.  Most fellow fighters asked Mr.Miles Guo about himalaya coin ownership, 99% of them sent messages to Mr.Guo to say no selling. This gesture made Mr.Guo so moved, he intended to protect fellow fighters’ interest more.

2. We must expose those people like SiMa Na,Fang Zhouzi, Li Yi who smeared all Chinese and propaganda for the extremism of CCP.

3. There were over 50 million people traveling in America during Thanksgiving holiday. CCP will use this opportunity to release viruses in America for sure. One week after this 50 million gathering, there will be a new vaccination injury peak of CCP virus.

4. Vaccinated people must take artemisinin. Artemisinin is not only an antidote of vaccination harm, but also cure of cancer, impotence and female aging.

5. CCP are trading favors with the evil force of the west, to eliminate mass population of the world, then achieve the globalism of authoritarianism to control the world with tight grip.

6. There are serious cases happened in Changzhou and Yingshan hospital of North Shanghai, most of cases are critical COVID with sudden infection. There are similar cases in Hangzhou with smallpox-like symptoms. Cronies of Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun all have weapon class virus. Multi political forces control viruses, great events will happen in China, viruses will be the weapon used in competition of multi political forces.

7. The captial on Zhao Changpeng’s Binance account has been taken 60% by CCP. Your money on Binance is gone. Our fellow fighter should withdraw cash and capital from their Binance account, and initiate legal action.

8. Most valuable license is the digital banking license. Countries now don’t permit digital banking licenses. If digital banking exists, capital transmission doesn’t need banks as intermediate anymore.

9. The best place to set up a family trust fund are: Netherland, Panama, and Caribbean.

10. When Xi Jinping knows it’s impossible to open the Winter Olympic game successfully, he will decide to invade Taiwan. When the invasion happens, CCP will be over then.

11. Authentication on Gettr and GTV is important with long term effect. Fellow fighters, please contact your Himalaya farm ASAP.

Chinese version writer: Wen Jun

Translator: Curiosity

Posted by: Maarago

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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