Tibetan Culture Now Under Threat Due To Over 60 Years CCP Oppression

Nov. 28th. 2021

Photo Credit: AP

In a recent article by The Hindu on November 26th, 2021, they go on to report about the fact that the leadership of the ‘Tibetan community in exile’ believes that the CCP might be “pushing” more Tibetans out to the border areas while using the opportunity to settle more mainland Chinese in Tibetan cities to do what China and their virus do best, spread and infiltrate. Tibetans have been fleeing from the ever-increasing influence and abuse of the Chinese oppressors for decades now with hundreds of thousands of them scattered all over the globe to escape the CCP. Even their ancient culture is now in danger of being diluted and even forgotten due to the degree of communist infiltration. With a huge percentage of the exiled Tibetans living in India with their abstract culture and food, and the fact the schools run by the CTA in India and Nepal are mandated to learn mandarin Chinese over Tibetan which apart from being a total kick in the teeth for these poor people who have been made to leave their homeland, it makes it very difficult to get employment unless they are schooled in the language of there oppressors.

Penpa Tsering the leader of the Central Tibetan Authority (CTA) said  “Under Xi Jinping, Chinese authorities are less accommodative of different cultures and languages: they promote ‘One nation, one party, one language, one culture’ now,” he said, adding that as a result, it is even more important for the CTA to promote Tibetan ethnic culture through the diaspora.

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