The Five States With the Highest Vaccination Rates in the U.S. Surge in Cases, May Continue to Soar After Thanksgiving

Author: Meiyi Wu via ETtoday
Translation and Commentary: Thomson

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Commentary: The vaccines are not the antidote to the viruses. It is further harmful to people. Only the truth and the awakening of more people is the right approach.

The epidemic in the United States is heating up again, and the five states with the highest vaccination rate have seen a surge in the number of confirmed cases, including Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that despite the surge in cases everywhere, millions of people will still travel domestically to reunite with their families during the Thanksgiving holiday. Massive sectors predict that after Thanksgiving, the number of new cases in the United States may further rise.

According to the data from New York Times as of November 24, up to 73% of Vermont’s population was fully vaccinated, the highest in the United States. However, the daily new confirmed cases in the past 14 days has increased by 18%, with an average of 370 new cases per day in the past week.

In Rhode Island, 72% of the population received two doses of the vaccine, and the number of confirmed cases increased by 69% in the past 14 days. An average of 480 people was infected every day in the past week.

The complete vaccination rate in Maine is also about 72%. The number of daily reported cases in the past 14 days has increased by 35%, and the average daily increase in the past week is 694.

In Connecticut, 72% of the population is fully vaccinated, but the number of confirmed cases has increased by 120% in the past 14 days, and an average of 751 daily new cases in the past week.

In Massachusetts, 71% of the population was vaccinated, and the number of daily reported cases in the past 14 days increased by 81%, and a daily average of 2881 in the past week.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country reported 23,569 cases on October 24. Since then, the number of new diagnoses has gradually increased. In the past two weeks, the number of new diagnoses every 7 days has increased by nearly 30 %.

About 1 in 10 Americans have been given booster shots. However, the number of new cases in the country continues to rise, and it may continue to grow after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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