The All-New South African Covid Variant Is It A Real Worry Or Simply Another Opportunity For Big Pharma To Earn Big Money ?

Nov. 27th, 2021

The EU, Britain and India are among those considering stricter border controls (File: Horacio Villalobos /Corbis via Getty Images)

In a story by Aljazeera on November 26th, 2021, it talks about the recent outbreak of a new Covid variant identified as B.1.1.529 that has been detected in South Africa. Several countries, including the United Kingdom, Israel, and Singapore, have imposed travel restrictions after the discovery of the new coronavirus variant, the devastating power of this still relatively unknown mutation has been blown out of all proportion, presumably in a bid to make people extremely concerned and rush to get vaccines or booster shots, then obviously when big pharma produce yet another rushed and high-risk vaccine for this ‘incredibly dangerous variant’ people will be rushing to get that one as well.

The Israeli health ministry said on Friday it had detected the country’s first case of the new coronavirus variant in a traveller who returned from Malawi. The traveller and two other suspected cases have been placed in isolation. It said all three are vaccinated but that it is currently looking into their exact vaccination status.

As we well know Israel is one of the worlds most vaccinated country’s yet it has one of the largest infection rates, so now more and more people are concerned that the vaccinated population can be more dangerous to associate with than the un-vaccinated, as they take more risks as they foolishly believe that they are almost bulletproof when it comes to the passing on of the CCP virus, when in fact reports go to prove that the majority of people in hospital with Covid are vaccinated people. 

So-called experts at W.H.O. began a virtual meeting to determine whether B.1.1.529 should be classified as a variant of interest, concern, or a variant of profit. The World Health Organisation has lost all of its credibility due to the way it covered up vital information in a bid to protect the Chinese Communist Party at the very beginning of the CCP Covid pandemic and many people now treat them (deservedly so) with total contempt. So who can we now believe in?….. governments? not always, medical institutions? maybe sometimes, the mainstream media? absolutely never. We must all do our own research and only rely on trustworthy news outlets like GNEWS for example, in a world where your life can depend on what information you take in make sure you can depend on your chosen news source.

We must decide for ourselves if this new variant is a real concern or merely a new covid cash cow.

To look at more information regarding this story please click the link: Countries restrict travel from southern Africa over COVID variant

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5 months ago

It looks like it’s also being used as a distraction from / scapegoat for upcoming economic problems. Many in the Mainstream Media are blaming Friday’s (26th) sharp decline in the US and UK stock markets on the new variant rather than the spreading of (financial) contagion from the collapsing Chinese property market.

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