Macau Entertainment Tycoon Alvin Chau was Approve for Arrest by the CCP Police

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According to Sina on November 27, Macau entertainment tycoon Chau Cheok Wa (Alivin Chau) was approved for arrest by the Wenzhou People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of opening a casino. The Macau government said it had brought Chau Cheok Wa back to the police station for investigation on the morning of the 27th.

Chau Cheok Wa founded the Sun City Group in 2007, investing in entertainment and gaming, film and television, catering, tourism, real estate, financial services and other industries. The company’s online gambling platform makes more than $10 billion in annual profits and has been called the “King of Little Gamblers” in recent years. He also served as a member of the CCP’s Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. According to the CCP police, Chau was suspected of setting up a cross-border gambling syndicate, illegally organizing Chinese citizens to gamble in his contracted gambling halls, exchanging assets for gamblers’ gambling money, assisting customers in cross-border fund exchange, and developing more than 80,000 gamblers’ members in China, which involved huge amounts of money and seriously harmed the state social management order.

Two months before Chau was arrested, he had sold all of his shares in Suncity Group, cashing in $70 million. In the context of growing infighting at the top of the CCP, what forces are represented by Chau’s arrest? Will the cash from the sale of his shares belong to him? Is this another case of “common prosperity”?

Source: 澳门特区政府:周焯华被带回警局调查|澳门|澳门特区|跨境赌博_新浪新闻 (

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