Cultural Revolution in the West – Say NO to “Critical Race Theory”!

Author: MOS Education Team – Maverick

Recently, the topic of the “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) has triggered a lot of heated debate. As a person who escaped from a communist regime and re-settled in the West as a member “visible minority”, I would like to share my thoughts on Critical Race Theory (CRT), which has been a topic on the political battleground in American society.

The core aim of Marxism is to create conflicts in a society through any possible means. The framework of CRT has drawn the two sides that are pro and against it in intensifying hatred towards each other, despite both sides having a member of different skin color. When we look deeper, it actually has nothing to do with one’s race but it’s all about creating a conflict and making a space for the authorities to play the role of propitiator in order to reinforce control on people. In CRT, identity labels are being utilized on individuals by emphasizing their difference based on the color of their skin. The Marxist Left would usually attempt to justify the necessity for carrying out related policies or political movements through some hypothesis based on historical events and outcomes, then make plausible conclusions in order to put themselves on a “moral high ground”.

The idea CRT trying to bring out is that racism is institutional and systemic and the White race is the source of all problems our society currently experiencing. The media deliberately turns a blind eye to problems such as government policies, rapid inflation rate, and supply chain shortages caused by the epidemic. The media also suppresses information regarding the origins of the coronavirus and effective drug treatments that can quickly put an end to the epidemic, and solely conclude they are all problems caused by “White supremacists”. If one is born White, then this person is naturally an oppressor of people of different color and needs to feel guilty for being White (particularly White Males). He must realize that he has privilege in society that comes from his skin color, and should engage in the movement of “removing whiteness” in order to achieve “racial equity”. CRT also states in order to achieve “racial equity”, policies based on racial difference needed to be implemented.

Racism does exist in the West and it is a complicated issue to resolve as it involves including social-economic, cultural, and historical factors, but the ideas that the CRT promotes are absolutely not a solution to the issue. Having lived in North American for 8 years and personally experienced racism under various circumstances (discrimination in the workplace and social circles due to stereotypes from media and concepts instilled by the older generation, and these not only come from “White” people), I do agree with the point that there is work needed to be done especially in terms of education, in order for a society full of people from different cultures and backgrounds to be truly understanding and inclusive with each other. However, the ideas CRT promotes are driving everything in the exact opposite direction, instead of creating a more peaceful and inclusive society, it just intensifies the hatred that has resulted from the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Coming out from a communist country, I can see that a form of “Cultural Revolution” is currently occurring in the U.S. During the 10 years of the Cultural Revolution in Communist China, the CCP government deliberately emphasized that the bourgeoisie (landlords and the intellectuals) are the enemy of and oppressor of proletariats (farmer and workers) on a daily basis across every city and town in the country. Every person had to show absolute support for all the movements organized by the Communist Parties. If anyone is pro-proletariat or who shows slight signs of sympathy or support towards the bourgeoisie, they will be labeled as “anti-revolution” and will likely experience unimaginable humiliation by the “Red Guard” and the general public. The CCP encouraged everybody to “test” for how their own family and friends viewed politically sensitive topics and to report to the Red Guard once they found out anyone’s opinion is different than that of the Communist Party. The Red Guard would then soon arrive and catch those people, first they would bring them to a public space, list their “crimes”, and encourage the public to do whatever they want to utterly humiliate this person. The length of this period would vary according to the individual’s situation. Afterward, this person would be sent to the authorities and their fate would be determined according to “the will of Chairman Mao and the Party ”

Miles Guo mentioned in a recent broadcast that current CCP president Xi Jinping personally witnessed the scenes of Xi’s father being horribly humiliated by the Red Guards and brainwashed public. Xi’s father was then thrown into jail and experienced horrible torture there because of the political infighting. Mao labeled him as a “traitor”, “against the Party”, and “Soviet Spy” despite being one of the most important veteran members of the CCP. This probably resulted in Xi Jinping suffering severe mental distortion and developing strong hatred of this world and humanity.

During the Cultural Revolution, people were also encouraged by the CCP to completely abandon the traditional cultures and values and embrace the values that are promoted by the government, which in Communist China is known as “Break the Four Olds, and Build the Four News (in terms of customs, cultures, habits, ideas)”. To make a long story short, literally all tangible and intangible cultural heritages of China had been destroyed during this period, including antiques, temples, statues, tombs of past intellectuals and rulers, countless old books containing the knowledge of ancient times. This resulted in a giant vacuum in the belief system of the Chinese people that would be subsequently replaced by “money and power mean everything and it is right to sacrifice anything in order to acquire them” in the next era of the CCP Economic Reforms starting in the late 1970s.

Now, let us look back to the U.S. The situation there is not as bad as Communist China during the Cultural Revolution but it is obviously proceeding in that way.

Within the framework of CRT, when we replace “White race” for “bourgeoisie /landlords”; “proletariats/farmers/workers” with “Visible Minorities/People with Colors”; “classes conflicts” with “racism”, and “anti-revolution” with “anti-left/far-right/White Supremacists”, we can see an alternate version of the Marxist Classes Struggles ideology: race struggle theory. CRT is telling us that racial oppression is everywhere across the U.S. and thus in order to achieve “racial equity”, political movements need to be carried out on a regular basis (Source 8).

Media and education are two main channels of Marxists instilling their ideology to the mass public.

Mainstream media in the West attacks those who are against CRT with the above-mentioned labels, yet they play with their words that they are trying to achieve “equality” for American society. Repeating the narrative on a very frequent basis, or by creating incidents that can trigger racial hatred, then using the media to excessively instigate and intensify hatred and conflicts, are effective ways to justify the necessities for a political movement and bring public opinion in a certain direction. The George Floyd indecent of last year and the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) are examples of this. While it is righteous to protect the rights and safety of ethnic Black/African Americans, Marxists use this chance to further create more chaos in American society. There are many available sources showing the damage and loss these thugs who have infiltrated into BLM have caused. The means that the BLM movement has used are the same as the Soviet Bolsheviks and the CCP when they start the “revolution” to “liberate” the citizens from the former regimes before they take over.

In terms of education, the Marxists are aiming at young children. We would see in some states and counties that schools are trying to keep parents away from teaching material selection and seize the rights of children’s education from parents, claiming parents have no right to tell the school what should be taught to their children. The Marxist-controlled school would even deliberately condone the crime offender in order to achieve their agenda. Parents who criticize CRT and attempt to take the right to educate their children back from the schools are being labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the FBI (Source 6). The Loudoun County Campus Rape Incident, a case which I have written an article about, is an appropriate example of how Marxists poison thoughts and disregard the safety of young children (Source 3).

This is very similar to the situation of Communist China when Mao Zedong favored young students, farmers, and workers without much life experience to be converted into “Red Guards” through institutional brainwashing in designated institutions. The youngest members of Red Guards were the age of the American elementary school children. (Source 2)

Marxism infiltrating into the educational system can also be confirmed by Americans who come from the former Soviet Union. Elina Kaplan who was born in the USSR and came to the U.S. at 11 years old, after reading the California Ethnic Studies model curriculum, said “All of a sudden, I was reading the same concepts and language of what I learned in the Soviet Union, but in English this time”.

Kaplan elaborates on CRT in another way, saying, “In CRT, what we have is a paradigm where kids, human beings, are either an oppressor or a victim. And anytime you put human beings into two boxes and then pit them against each other, especially by the color of their skin, nothing good is going to come out of that.” (Source 4)

Additionally, people who are Christians or believe in God, who believe that every individual possesses God-given rights and freedom that is inviolable, believe in traditional marriage values, private property rights, and the importance of the rule of law, are rendered targets for “conversion” and “obliteration” under CRT.

Moreover, under CRT, ethnic Asians are being viewed as “the most White adjacent minority” and are not considered as “people of color”. CRT justifies discrimination against Asians because Asian Americans are often on the wrong side of the “groups who need to be helped” debate (Source 1). Additionally, Asians have been viewed as the “model minority” in American society as they are perceived as relatively more affluent than other groups. Now that we can see, the so-called “racial equity” is double-standard and is only applicable to a certain ethnic group that is favored by the Marxists.

The Chinese Communist Party, the most anti-Chinese criminal organization on this planet, plays a big role in subsidizing the promotion of CRT in the West. The recent investigation report from the National Pulse discovered that the National Urban League (NUL), an open proponent of CRT, has partnered with a CCP-linked group, China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), for over a decade. They have carried out deals to cooperate on education initiatives in American schools. Member of the NUL has been visiting China on trips sponsored by the CUSEF, known as “journeys of empowerment”. (For more details on this, see Source 5)

The Marxists disguised as the “Left” has been getting an upper hand over the past two decades, but now an obvious awakening is taken place across the United States. This is shown for example by the Republican victory in the Virginia gubernatorial election, which has been a Blue state since the late 2000s. Another example is the verdict in the Kenosha shooting, as Kyle Rittenhouse, a righteous young man who wanted to protect his community from BLM Marxist thugs killed 2 people out of self-defense and was declared not guilty. In Kansas, Texas, and Ohio, anti-CRT candidates won school board seats implying that Americans are awakening and realizing the dangers of Marxist ideologies. (Source 7)

As a citizen of the New Federal State of China, our principle is to never get involved in the politics of any country. However, the harm of Marxists is not limited by national borders and has been brought suffering and chaos to humanity. Therefore, for the sake of our country, our own well-being, and our next generation, regardless of what background you come from, we must say NO to any form of Marxism!


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