New German Government Announces Four Policies Towards China

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Maverick

On November 24, the new German government, which is about to formally take office, announced four policies regarding Communist China.

1.      Strive for fair competition with Communist China in trade.

2.      Cooperate with Communist China on issues of human rights and international law. The new government also states that the European Union needs to jointly formulate policies to deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in order to defend the interests and values of the European Union.

3.      The new German government will cooperate with the United States and other countries with similar ideological values to mitigate their strategic dependence on Communist China, and said that they will participate in the resolution of territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas on the basis of compliance with international maritime law.

4.      Declare that under the premise of the EU’s “One China Policy”, it supports Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, and believes that the status quo in the Taiwan Strait must only be changed under a peaceful circumstance and agreed by both parties.

In addition, the new German government has criticized the CCP’s human rights issues in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang province.

Sources: New German Government Announces Four Policies Towards China

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