Protests Against Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates Erupt in Europe

Translated by: Buddhism Team – Accelerator

Recently, the protests against the tyrannical orders in the name of “Pandemic controls” shook Europe. On the weekend of November 20 and 21, demonstrations against the lockdowns, the vaccine mandates and the vaccine passport erupted throughout Vienna, Rome, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels and other major European cities.

Protests against the lockdown and vaccine mandates erupted in Vienna, Austria

After the Austria’s forth lockdown measure was announced, numerous of protests were triggered.  An estimated 38,000 people marched on the Wiener Ring on Saturday in Vienna against the imposition of new lockdown restrictions. In Belgium, approximately 35,000 people gathered to demonstrate in the center of Brussels, while the protests in Rotterdam persisted for several days. In Italy, large crowd gathered in Rome to oppose the vaccine passport for the CCP virus (aka, COVID-19). In Croatia, thousands of people participated in demonstrations in capital Zagreb against the vaccine mandate and vaccine passport.

Editor’s Note:
All in all, Europe has seen a massive uprising of the anti-lockdown and anti-mandate movement recently. Despite the fact the mainstream media (MSM) and the Big Pharma will never let the public see this, more and more people are wakening up and courageously fighting against the governments’ deeply-flawed tyrannical measures.

*. Europe protests erupted against vaccine mandates
*. Original news digest article in Chinse

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