Australia Sending Troops To The Solomon Islands To Help With Violent Protests and Potential Civil War Over Communist Influences

Nov. 27th, 2021


A recent report published by the Mail Online on the 25th of November,2021,  tells the story of violent riots breaking out all over the Solomon Islands and how the Australian National Security Committee during crisis talks has agreed to assist under the 2017 bilateral security agreement, they will send forces to the Island after being asked by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for help. Australia has said they will assist with protestors and support ‘riot control’ and protect ‘critical infrastructure’ like the island’s airport, ‘Our purpose here is to provide security and stability to enable the normal constitutional processes within the Solomon Islands to be able to deal with the various issues that have arisen,’ the Prime Minister said.

Protesters in the capital of Honiara have demanded the resignation of Mr Sogavare, voicing their concerns about the CCP’s influence in the country and the fear of the authoritarian regime fleecing the islands natural resources including palm oil, logging, and fishing which China is already in hot ‘water’ over, due to their current illegal fishing practices.

The protests themselves have been brewing in the nation of around seven hundred thousand people after President Sogavare in September 2019 broke off all diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favour of the cruel and brutal CCP who handed over approx 730 million dollars to the Solomon Islands government after the diplomatic switch was made.

Public opinion is that this money was paid in exchange for a piece of their sovereignty including access to politicians and a backdoor way in to control their freedom and public businesses, with no doubt the desire to spread their ideology and regime across Asia and create a colony of worker bees who all bend the knee to the wills of the totalitarian regime.

The question seems to be should Australia even be helping the corrupt government of the Solomon Islands who blatantly have been bought out by the CCP and if they do help a sovereign state who is looking like a paid lapdog of the CCP will that, in turn, make Australia look weak and without morals especially as they themselves are dealing with their own issues with the Chinese communist regime, to the point of signing and agreement with their new defence alliance AUKUS to equip Australia’s naval fleet with the latest nuclear submarines to deter the threat of aggression from the CCP, the very same regime they are in some way helping or appeasing by assisting in the support and sending of armed forces to quell riots in the Solomon Islands. But the worry is that if  Australia does not act it leaves the door open for Beijing to provide security reinforcements, something Canberra is desperate to avoid.

So yet again China is playing around with the politics of sovereign states that they have bribed and bought and can seemingly do as they want, countries from all over the world need to wake up and take notice of this situation as who knows that the next time it won’t be your country.

For more information regarding this story please click the link: Australia deploys troops to the Solomon Islands as disturbing scenes erupt with violent anti-China rioters BURNING DOWN a police station and threatening civil war over communist influences

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