Mr. Bannon on 11/20 ROL Anniversary Broadcast: NFSC Will Surely Win

Translated by: Buddhism Team – Accelerator

Mr. Steve Bannon joined Mr. Miles Guo and other fellow fighters to celebrate the third anniversary of the ROL (Rule of Law) Foundation and ROL Society on November 20, 2021. During the live stream event, Mr. Bannon pointed out that within such a short time, merely three years since the founding of the ROL Foundation and ROL Society, and 18-months since the founding of the NFSC, the NFSC (New Federal State of China) has created multiple media and financial platforms including GTTR, GNews, GTV, and HCoins (HCN). The Whistleblower Movement (WM) and the NFSC are advancing from one victory to another, and will surely win on a massive scale.

Mr. Bannon made remarks that the CCP’s lies are being crushed and the cohorts including their accomplices who have been infiltrated in Germany, London, Wall Street and other parts of the world are crumbling. The Great Firewall that keeps out the Chinese people to see the truth, and their denial of a “One Person, One Vote” election both demonstrate the fragility and lack of confidence of the Communist regime. Contrary to the CCP, the people of the NFSC are empowered, knowledgeable, persistent, and dedicated. The rising tide of the NFSC has made CCP freaked out.

During the livestream, Mr. Guo with enthusiasm concurred with what Mr. Bannon stated and pointed out that the people of the NFSC shall always firmly believe in three principles: First, God always win. Second, truth always wins; third, the NFSC will always win.

Mr. Steve Bannon spoke as a featured guest on 11/20 ROL Anniversary broadcast

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