Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 26th, 2021 (Part 1)

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In the first part of his live broadcast on November 26th, 2021, Mr. Guo discusses the essence of gratitude, the magical healing effects of artemisinin, and the CCP’s plan to dominate the world through germ warfare. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

To sell or not to sell Himalaya Coins?

Some people want to sell the rewarded Himalaya Coins. The Japanese person asks, “How did you obtain the coins?” The Jew says, “This coin is an agreement. Are you selling the coin or your faith?” The Englishman says, “If you don’t want it, give it to me. I’ll buy it all.” Why were we Chinese and our parent generation impoverished? The CCP is responsible, but we also have to look for reasons in ourselves.

The CCP will take advantage of Thanksgiving to release viruses.

On Thanksgiving, Americans go to the country house to have parties. Rich people travel to the Bahamas and other countries. The CCP will surely take advantage of this opportunity to release viruses. Everyone must take precautions. 

Gratitude is the winners’ game and losers’ spiritual comfort.

The US President set free one turkey, but many turkeys are out of luck. Yesterday, 30 to 50 million turkeys were culled across the United States. Freeing one turkey on Thanksgiving Day caused the killing of more turkeys. Thanksgiving led to the demise of the American Indians. The Thanksgiving Day tells a philosophical idea.

Back then, Hu Jintao talked about a harmonious society. I (Miles Guo) said, “Tibet is a blessed place for you.” I didn’t have the heart to say that Hu Jintao had killed too many Tibetans. He lied to my face and called his wife Yongqing’s worship of Buddha entertainment. He asked me what the essence of Buddhism is. I said it is harmony. He asked, “Is harmony the beginning or the result?” I said, “The essence of Buddhism is inner harmony. Gratitude is not about pursuing the result but harmony with the environment. Gratitude is the winners’ game and losers’ spiritual comfort. There is the atmosphere, gravity, physics, men, and women. All harmony seeks to balance and reduce birth, death, killing, and plundering.”

I said, “Comrade Jintao, a top-notch person masters the law of all things, and gratitude is a sign of defeat for a weak person.” He said, “What is the antidote?” I said, “Sow harmony in humanity. In China, men, women, and nature are not in harmony. How can one party (the CCP) achieve harmony?” There is a couplet: up and lean forward, down and lean backward, center and balance. When riding a horse uphill, you lean forward. When riding a horse downhill, you keep a straight back. The Indians were thanked and wiped out. Throughout our lives, it is crucial that we don’t have to beg and rely on others or be indebted to others’ handouts.

Gratitude is absolute, not relative. Our parents, who gave birth to us, absolutely deserve our appreciation. Our growth on the earth is a definite fact, including every sip of water we enjoy and every flower and grass. I love every flower; the love is unconditional. The relationship between nature and us is absolute. Gratitude is not passive but active. We should never be the ones to be thanked. This is called cause in Buddhism; I do not seek the effect. The highest spirituality of the cycle of cause and effect is to start the good cause without seeking the effect. We cannot be the thanked turkeys and the thanked American Indians. Never live a life of receiving gratitude. 

I’m throwing a temper tantrum with the Himalaya Federal Reserve. Either they can buy all our 600 million coins or sell their 400 million coins to us. The premise of gratitude is that we don’t exist to be grateful. Without brothers in arms, there would be no Himalaya Federal Reserve and the Himalaya Coin. What do you thank Miles Guo for? You should be thankful for the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), which are the best cause, i.e., to exterminate the CCP. Because of the purpose of exterminating the CCP, the Himalaya Federal Reserve and Himalaya Coin came into existence. The NFSC people are growing and helping each other. Never give thanks to each other. There is no gratitude in the CCP but only deal-making, which is a game of inequality and deception.

Artemisinin’s Miraculous Healing Power

First, you can’t take artemisinin indiscriminately. Second, there are many different kinds of artemisinin, but if you take a fake one, you will be in trouble. It’s been said that artemisinin can eradicate 90% of all cancers in humans. Why hasn’t it caught on?

The ex-husband of a sister in the UK has held two living memorial services for himself. He started growing black hair after taking artemisinin. Another buddy developed lung cancer and had half his lungs cut out. He said that after taking artemisinin, he slept for six or seven hours a night. He was surprised that he regained a physical need for sex. A friend in Singapore, who had two shots of the vaccine, was near death. He finally got an artemisinin injection, and his symptoms disappeared completely. Miles Guo has been using artemisinin lotion for his face for decades. The lotion is now in production. Artemisinin definitely works for age-related syndromes in the old folks. 

Eighteen people in the Himalaya Federal Reserve Office contracted Covid-19, but William was fine. He was the only one who took artemisinin, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc. A brother in arms works in a bank in Japan. His whole family took hydroxychloroquine + zinc. More than 70 people at the bank were vaccinated, and two have died. There was a Covid-19 outbreak at the bank. Finally, the bank president approached him and asked why he didn’t contract the virus. He showed the Whistleblowers Movement videos, and the whole bank ended up taking hydroxychloroquine + zinc, and all got better.

Stocks related to smallpox are going up lately. Will the CCP release the smallpox virus? 

That’s for sure. Anyone can make smallpox viruses. Thousands of labs around the world can do it. The scientist who fled to Europe says that it takes only 3-6 months to make a virus. Smallpox is a must-study virus for all laboratories. Now I (Miles Guo) think that it’s not just the CCP who releases viruses. An older man in China took early retirement because he followed the Whistleblowers Movement. He said, “According to the CCP Politburo members, when 90% of the world’s voices are unified, either there is a catastrophe, or someone is manipulating behind the scenes.” He said that, not to mention Wuhan, any county can get a smallpox vaccine. He ran China’s health department.

It’s not a question of possibility or brazenness. The CCP dares to use the virus. It will happen. It’s a question of the magnitude of the catastrophe. In 2020, I saw the CCP hanging on the wall maps of the drinking water sources in the United States. Why did I say in 2017 that darkness was coming? Because I saw the evilness and malice of these sons of a bitch. Dong Huichang said, “Christians and the Catholic Churches are the CCP’s enemies by nature. All Christians and Catholics are the tools of the West to rule humanity, teaching people not to worship anyone else other than God. What about the Chinese’s relationship with their parents and the CCP? Parents and the CCP are competitors by nature. Third, Catholicism is all false, all mythology. Regarding the eradication of religion, if people disobey the CCP, arrest and kill them. If killing doesn’t work, use the smallpox virus. Humans used germ warfare as early as 2000-3000 years ago in Austria and the Black Sea.” That’s what Dong Huichang said in 2004.

What is the CCP’s purpose in releasing viruses? First, the CCP wants to massively reduce the world’s population to achieve globalism, i.e., the rule of one party. This one party is the CCP and the evil forces. Later the CCP will control your genes, aging, and illness. It will later eliminate population on demand. Once the CCP achieves globalism, it will no longer be threatened. No more than 1 billion of the 7.5 billion people are awake. The other 6.5 billion people are contented with adequate food and drink, so they are considered slaves.

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