Seafarers are forced to quarantine for 7 weeks

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The shipping company said that the CCP authorities’ requirement that Chinese seafarers be quarantined for 7 weeks may hinder the recovery of the shipping industry and exacerbate the global supply chain crisis. The picture shows a freighter in a Chinese port. (TR/AFP via Getty Images)

The CCP’s extreme “clearing infection to zero ” policy has not only hindered the recovery of the shipping industry, but also prolonged the crisis of global port chaos and congestion and store shortages. Ship management companies and shipping companies call on the Beijing authorities to relax restrictions, otherwise it may exacerbate the dilemma of the global supply chain.

According to Bloomberg News, in order to prevent the virus from spreading, the CCP authorities continue to prohibit the foreign crew members to change shifts. Recently, Chinese seafarers returning home have been forced to quarantine for 7 weeks. Ships that change crews elsewhere will have to wait two weeks before being allowed to enter the port.

In order to comply with regulations, shipowners and managers had to change routes, postpone shipments and crew replacements, which exacerbated the supply chain crisis.

The report also pointed out that under the regulations of the Chinese Communist Party, even seafarers with urgent medical needs are not allowed to receive care in China. A chief officer of Anglo-Eastern was unable to get off the ship for treatment even with severe tooth abscess. He had to wait until the ship arrived in South Korea before he could see the dentist.

Chinese regulations have caused a chain reaction,” said Guy Platten, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). “Any restrictions on ship operations will have a cumulative impact on the supply chain and cause a real disruption.”

As the world’s largest exporter, China is a key hub for the shipping industry. However, under the policy of “clearing infection to zero”, its pandemic prevention measures have become more and more radical.

“CCP China is a big problem.” said Bjorn Hojgaard, chief executive of Sino-British Shipping Group and chairman of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association. The price of the CCP authorities to prevent COVID-19 is to prevent seafarers from entering, and even Chinese seafarers sometimes cannot return to China.

Hogard said that the CCP authorities do not allow more than three Chinese seafarers to travel to the mainland by plane, so the time for them to return to the country may be greatly extended.

Interference with the replacement of crew, as well as changes to the voyage, isolation, resulting in a significant increase in transportation costs. The report pointed out that during the weekend of November 18, the transportation price of each 40-foot container was US$9,146. Compared with the five-year average price as of 2019, the price has soared six times.

The CCP authorities have stated this month that they will not relax the epidemic prevention regulations. In particular, there are less than 100 days left before the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year. The outside world predicts that the CCP’s COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures may be upgraded.

At the same time, the supply chain disruption seems to show no signs of relief. According to an October survey of 148 companies conducted by the Oxford Economics Institute, nearly 80% of respondents expect that the supply crisis may still be worsen.

Commentary: Sadly, the world chose to follow suit of CCP’s pandemic prevention measures which have become more and more radical, including CCP’s vaccine policy.

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