[November 25th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is already November 25th

I am here to wish all our fellow fighters, brothers and sisters, and people worldwide a happy Thanksgiving.

We always feel very emotional when the thanksgiving festival comes around. We once thought of launching a “Thanks America Day” to express our gratitude. 

But why didn’t we do it afterwards? We found out that although Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day, America is actually a capitalist society. It does not care about giving gratitude but prefers such practical things like giving money.

Another reason we did not initiate the activity was that the “Thanks to America” movement would be a huge distraction of our energy and attention. We could not manage too many big tasks at once.

Since I was a kid, Brother-7 has always been convinced that “it is better to master one trick than knowing thousands”. “Eliminating the CCP” is our top priority now, and we will take care of “Thanks America Day” in the future.

From yesterday to now, another thing I believe you have noticed is that the world has been divided into two parts of “ice and fire”. You can see children in China and around the world who have been vaccinated, as well as the elderly, many of them suddenly fell dead. It is so heartbreaking to see that every day the situation is worse than the day before.

You all know Mr. Morgan. 

“Please do not take the vaccine,” I told him when I visited him last year.

“Why?” He asked me. I said, “You must not take the vaccine.”

“Why?” He continued to ask me. 

I explained to him the reason. I said, “you have to trust me and never get the vaccine.”

Then he said, “Miles, I believe you.” 

This old gentleman was 90 last year, he is 91 this year, and he is not vaccinated. But his best neighbor, a friend of his from childhood, was vaccinated and is now seriously ill, in critical condition. Mr. Morgan sent me an emotional message yesterday.

Another good friend of mine, who is 89 years old, lived originally in Los Angeles. He moved to Thailand this summer. Because he is wealthy, he moved to Thailand. When I told him about the vaccine, he said, “Miles, I have already been vaccinated, I got two shots.” His wife had three shots and has passed away.

In Japan, there are too many more cases to recount. Many people in Dalian, Northeast China, Sichuan said they had witnessed people falling around them. Traffic accidents are increasing. You can feel the world is in great chaos now. Never get vaccinated!

In addition, brothers and sisters, you should realize the healing power of artemisinin.

This morning at 2:00 am, a fellow fighter told me that his father had a tumor under his neck for many years. He had surgery and used various drugs to recover, but the health condition of the old man was getting worse at that time. After switching to artemisinin as the treatment and gradually reducing the original medicines, he is fully recovered now. This fellow fighter is so thankful to us.

Another fellow fighter’s mother, who probably had surgery too, was in critical condition some time ago. After using artemisinin and reducing the original medications, her health improves gradually.

Another important friend of ours in Belgium, who used to be a boss in the gun manufacturing industry, sent me a message some time ago asking, “Miles, why can’t we take vaccines?” 

After I told him the reason, he followed my advice and did not take the vaccine. But all his other family members had been vaccinated and had encountered health problems. His brother chose to believe him and trust the Whistleblower Movement and used artemisinin, and his symptom was gone.

There are tons of stories like that. Many people called me to express their gratitude. Sometimes I could not hear what they were saying clearly. In brief, their calls were very passionate — “Bravo! Very good!” 

We provide you the information (about the danger of vaccines and the effectiveness of artemisinin as treatment) and do not charge you any money or remuneration, it is up to you to believe it or not. But now you can see how scary the world is, right? Vaccinated people are falling dead everywhere, people suddenly fall mysteriously all around. Yet there are still many people giving vaccines to their children, which is horrible.

Meanwhile, everybody should pay attention to the economy and finance in China.

In Qingdao, a certain real estate developer bought Binance’s digital coins. How much did he buy? He invested more than $40 million in Binance Exchange. About two weeks ago, he heard me talking about the problems of Binance and started to sell his crypto coins. He just sold some of them — worth approximately a few million dollars — but the Binance Exchange did not let him withdraw the money, not a single penny.

And that was not the worst of all.

“Wengui, if I were to sell all my coins in the Binance Exchange, I would probably have caught the CCP’s attention. After all, I am such an important investor.” He told me then. 

“Well, I hope the CCP will not come to you,” I said. But it turned out that he was taken away by the CCP at home yesterday.

So, brothers and sisters, this bastard Zhao Changpeng (founder of Binance Exchange) is now in Dubai. Keep in mind, (if you have an account at Binance Exchange,) you must contact David (the head of Himalaya UK Farm). This vicious bastard Zhao Changpeng, as toxic as the vaccine, is definitely a man who can harm people’s lives, even the entire families of others, for money. So, you have to contact David and launch legal actions against him.

Yesterday’s “Miles Grand Live” show caused a significant response in China.

Many supporters of Mr. Cui Yongyuan (former famous Chinese TV host) sent me messages, saying, “our whole family was moved to tears.”

“Mr. Cui Yongyuan,” one said, “The phenomenon of Mr. Cui being suppressed in China is a concrete manifestation of the nature of an evil society. Sima Nan, Fang Zhouzi, along with a bunch of other shitty bastards…”  There is another crooked-faced, crooked-mouthed piece of shit from Peking University, what is his name (Kong Qingdong)?  

[Cui’s supporters] continued, “those crooks, pieces of garbage! Only you dare to voice the truth.”

Honestly, I have never made any acquaintance with Mr. Cui, and I don’t know any of those shitty bastards who are against Mr.Cui either.

Yesterday, we talked about Mr. Liu Chuanzhi (founder of Lenovo Group) in the “Miles Grand Live” show.

Many former Lenovo employees and those who knew Mr. Liu, including a fellow fighter in Norway who once hosted Mr. Liu in 2019, confirmed that Mr. Liu Chuanzhi is different from what others think he is — Mr.Liu is a very gracious and kind person in daily life.

There is also a former employee of Mr. Liu’s, who is in Hong Kong, texted me, “Mr. Liu is indeed like what you said in the live broadcast, he is exceptionally nice. It is also a fact that he went to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital by himself, just as you said. Mr. Liu does not have that arrogant attitude or class mindset at all. He is very kind to people.”   

Yesterday’s “Miles Grand Live” show created a tremendous response. Several of my good friends in Shanghai sent messages saying, “Wengui, you voiced conscience. But nobody in this world cares about conscience anymore. People only keep their eyes on the money.”

Then one of them told me, “By the way, those evil bastards you mentioned (who work as the CCP’s propagandists) not only got the vaccine, but they also got two or three shots. Because they believed that the CCP’s vaccine would do good for them, they also believed that they had some privilege to get a better vaccine and it’s easily accessible to them. Therefore, they are all vaccinated.”

Well, congratulations to them. They have got three shots. They’d better get a fourth shot.

Notice that the sun is shining while we are talking. What is going on, brothers and sisters? The sun casts its lights on us. It must not be “the Sun” Xi Jinping (president of China), isn’t it?

“The Xi Sun”, ah! You are my “Xi Sun”! Follow “the Xi Sun”… Wow, follow “the Xi Sun” to get vaccinated. Anyone who does not follow “the Xi Sun” to get vaccinated is not a good CCP party member. Haha, I was just joking.

So, brothers and sisters, that is the world today — crazy, so crazy! But we should realize how many people the Whistleblower Movement has saved. Compared to any other individual or organization, how many people the Whistleblower Movement has helped? 

We exposed that Zhao Changpeng has given the KYC information of all the Binance Exchange’s clients to the CCP.  Some people were wondering, “what information can he provide to the CCP?” Let me tell you: all the information you gave Zhao Changpeng and all the records of any of your past transactions on his Binance Exchange were passed to the CCP. Everything. 

Such a simple question, need you ask?  Our fellow fighters should not be so naive. All the information you gave him was handed to the CCP. There is no doubt that someone from the CCP will come for you soon.

How to cope? You can make up an excuse like someone stole your account. Move your money immediately, otherwise you will be finished. Take legal actions against Zhao and Binance Exchange immediately, which is an easy yet effective fightback. Get your money back before Zhao Changpeng is taken down by the CCP. Believe it or not, that is it. 

Additionally, there are still people who continue to invest in CCP China’s real estates. You are really looking for trouble.

It took you great effort to get your “eggs” out of a snake’s nest. Where do you put the eggs next? Think about it long and hard. Yet you put the eggs in a more sinister python’s nest. The python will not only eat the eggs but devour you as well. 

Put the eggs that can hatch chicks into the python’s nest? Do you believe it is safe? Wouldn’t that be a death wish? The result would be losing both the chicken and the eggs. How can you be so stupid? No money is yours unless it is moved out of CCP China, or it will become your disaster and curse. 

Do you believe it or not? If not, just wait and see.  As the old saying goes, “Shen County, Yanggu County are two competitive counties adjacent to each other, who can win in the end? Let us wait and see!”

Today is Thanksgiving Day, we are going to celebrate with Chinese fondue on the yacht. Thinking about the vaccine disaster, our compatriots in China, the scam created by Binance Exchange, and the absurdity of the world, Brother-7 still has to eat hot pot. WIthout eating the hot pot, how can I have a strong body to take down the CCP, right?

Everybody should continue to do exercise. I just reposted my workout video from yesterday on GETTR. Even after such a long live broadcast yesterday, I still need to complete my workout schedule. We must not give ourselves any excuse not to do exercise. Brothers and sisters, remember to stick to your workout plan.

Well, that is all for today. There will be no live broadcast tomorrow. We will have another episode of the “Miles Grand Live” show the day after tomorrow. So, see you at the “Miles Grand Live” show the day after tomorrow.

Amitabha — Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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