Broadcast|Mr. Bannon Talked about the Importance of the G-series on Taking Down the CCP

By: MOS Business Team — April

During the live broadcast of the 3rd anniversary of the Rule of Law Foundation & Rule of Law Society on Nov. 20, Mr. Bannon elaborated on the importance of the G-series of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on taking down the CCP. In Mr. Bannon words, facing with a series of challenges of cyber warfare, information warfare, and economic warfare, if there were no Gnews, GTV, and Gettr, we would be over. We need to get more people on these platforms. Mr. Bannon further pointed out that the continuous exposure of the War Room program on the G-series platforms is a demonstration of the righteous power of the people of the NFSC.

Mr. Bannon also commented on Himalaya Coin, it is the most direct counterattack against the CCP and Wall Street. The CCP’s real estate bubble is nearly to pop, the Chinese people, however, are told to store their assets by investing in real estate. Their money and assets will eventually be wiped out by the CCP when the real estate market collapses. At present, digital currency and Himalaya Coin are the safest and best choice for storing wealth. The future growth of the Himalaya Coin and Himalaya Federal Reserve will be very strong.

 Mr. Bannon also added a message to all audiences on Gettr, GTV and Gnews, history will judge these dark forces. Do not listen to the noise. We need to stay focused on the mission, which is to save the world people and to take down the evil CCP tyrannical regime. 

Article: Mr. Bannon Talked about the Importance of the G-series on Taking Down the CCP

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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