Broadcast|Dr. Zelenko emphasized that vaccines are severely fatal to children

By: MOS Business Team — April

On November 16, Dr. Zelenko spoke again on GETTR, calling on everyone to “save the children.”

Dr. Zelenko revealed that the covid vaccine is far more fatal to children than the virus itself. The doctor added that the latest statistics show that for every natural death caused by the coronavirus in children, there will be 172 deaths due to the side effects of the vaccine. This shows that the covid vaccine is 172 times more deadly than the virus to children, far higher than the previous statistics of 1:100.

In this regard, Dr. Zelenko sorrowfully emphasized that people should pay attention to the truth about the vaccine. At the same time, governments of all countries need to immediately stop large-scale vaccinations against the covid, especially children.

Article: Dr. Zelenko emphasized that vaccines are severely fatal to children

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