Factory Workers Forced to Switch to Service Sector as CCP’s Economy Slumps

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On Nov 17, Renmin University of China released a survey of the employment situation of the internet service sector in Communist regime. According to the report, among the sector’s major businesses, represented by food-delivery, courier, and online car-rental services, a quarter of the staffs used to be skilled technical workers from the manufacturing sector. And within the internet service sector itself, worker turn-over rate is very high.

Photo: an empty manufacturing workshop in China

It is reported that the double whammy of the CCP virus (COVID-19) and poisonous vaccine has ratcheted up the prices of raw materials in the Communist regime. The electricity rationing and production limiting policies are also being introduced nationwide because of the severe energy shortage. All the above mentioned have dealt a severe blow to the CCP’s once-money-making manufacturing sector. A vast number of factories floundered in operations and reduced the wages of their employees by 25 percent on average, compared to year 2019. And this ongoing pressure did not see any sign of relief during the first half of 2021.

A shoe distribution and sales center in China.

The combination of depressed wages and hidden-unemployment such as underemployment or not able to find a skill-matching employment exacerbates the already-massively-shrunken labor force in the manufacturing sector, as the CCP’s economy shrivels further pushing to the brink of collapse.

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