Australian Defence Minister Warns That The Invasion Of Taiwan Would Only Be The Beginning

Nov. 26th, 2021

Screenshot:the Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton

In a recent article by ABC News on the 26th of November 2021, they cover the story that the Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton has stated at the National Press Club, that China sees other countries in the region as “tributary states” and warns that if the CCP successfully invades and takes control of Taiwan then they would quickly dominate Asia. Then they would begin the seizure of other disputed areas, including Senkaku Islands which are claimed by both the Chinese Communist Party and Japan. He goes on to say “The point I make is the regional order on which our prosperity and security is founded would change almost overnight,”

“In the absence of a counter-pressure, the Chinese government becomes the sole security and economic partner for Indo-Pacific nations. Now, that is a perilous military and economic situation for our country, but for so many more”.

No surprise the CCP was quick to respond to his chosen words accusing Mr. Dutton of “fanning conflict and division”. But when you think about what the CCP is already doing right now with their illegal fishing trawler fleets raping the seas, 5G data scandals and multiple human rights violations from freedom of speech to full-blown torture, is there any wonder why individuals and organisations with even more knowledge of the things that go on behind ‘closed doors’ are starting to voice their concerns over this aggressive and shady communist regime.

For a more in-depth look into this story please click here: Defence Minister Peter Dutton says China considers Australia a ‘tributary state’ that should submit to its power

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