Miles Guo’s View on Xi Jinping’s Dictatorship

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Laniakea

In his grand live broadcast on November 24, Miles Guo discussed the ruling of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)

As Miles Guo mentioned, the Soviet Communist Party originally believed that a weakened China served the world’s interests. However, currently, the CCP is challenging the United States and launching World War III. Although the Chinese Communist Regime is very rich and powerful, but the Chinese people are fleeing unsafe and hiding everywhere due to their fear of this regime.

Miles Guo added that, from 1989 on, Qishan Wang and other CCP senior cadres began taking the advantage of family trusts to plunder domestic wealth, gradually building up their overseas empires. Later, Jianzhu Meng, another kleptocrat, also emerged with ambitions to be a leader of the CCP. However, they are both currently under Xi Jinping’s control, a status quo produced by the Communist Party’s devilish and dictatorial system.

Miles Guo also explained that the CCP has been playing the role of robbers in many decades of its kleptocratic rule. They have been depriving people’s wealth and taking their lives when needed as well. Xi Jinping, however, views both the CCP and the Chinese people as mere instruments.

As for Xi, Miles Guo revealed that, after using up his authoritarian tools, Xi’s greatest fear is to be liquidated by a Chinese Gorbachev (style person) after his stepping down, a fate that is inevitable in a dictatorial system.

Miles Guo noted that Xi’s insane nature is far more than that of Mao, Hitler, and Stalin combined. However, today, he feels scared to death of being assassinated. To avoid this, since January 2020, Xi has not dared to leave his country and has been roaming around the country without fixed domiciles – solely to cover his whereabouts by acting mysteriously.

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