2.5 Million U.S. Truckers Say “Hell No” to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

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At a hearing held in the House of Representatives on November 24, the American Trucking Associations stated 2.5 million truck drivers will leave their jobs if the Biden administration does not reverse the course on the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Chris Spear, CEO of The American Trucking Associations (ATA), noted that a survey conducted by the organization revealed 37 percent of drivers absolutely oppose the White House’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, meaning that more than 2.5 million trucker drivers may quit their jobs. Mr. Spear added that OSHA does not hold the legal authority to enforce the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. On the other hand, while OSHA has temporarily complied with the Fifth Circuit Court’s cease-and-desist order on the vaccine, the Covid-19 vaccine threat remains.

Information indicates the Trucking Associations is responsible for more than 80 percent of domestic land freight moves in the United States. Currently, severe cargo congestion at several ports has emerged across the United States due to a shortage of transportation capability. In response, the Trucking Associations warned that if the Biden administration does not reverse the Covid-19 vaccine mandate immediately, it will lead to millions of truck drivers leaving their jobs, exacerbating the current supply chain crisis and even causing catastrophic consequences for the economy and currency inflation.

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