Does The World Need To Be Worried About The Evergrande Crisis? Possibly So

Nov. 26th, 2021

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A recent story published by Gateway Pundit on November 25th, 2021 explains how one of Chinas biggest real estate development companies ‘Evergrande’ which was once one of the largest companies in the entire world, is now only a tenth of the size it was only two years ago, and things are only going to get worse for the former ‘Kraken’ of the real estate oceans. The difficulties this could create in the Chinese Regimes financial sector, and in turn and more importantly in other parts of the world are potentially worrying, these issues are already rocking capital markets around the world and Evergrande has already defaulted on numerous interest coupons on its dollar debt, and recently the listing of its shares was suspended on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Roughly 90% of Evergrande’s real estate developments are homes that are under construction while the other 10% are finished housing. According to Evergrande, the houses under development will be finished within a year, but housing sales are far below the number of properties in the company’s inventory which is obviously not good for business.

Normally I would not have any feelings other than merriment and hope when reading about the demise of a Chinese giant with obvious and unavoidable ties with the inhumane and cruel CCP, but with this company’s size and interwoven financial structure and the fact, its financial situation being on such a dramatic scale the idea of this situation affecting other countries and financial institutions has me feeling complexed and conflicted. The question is will the seemingly inevitable fall of this ‘Kraken of the real estate oceans’ actually be a positive for the rest of the world or a surprisingly and very probable huge negative we are all going to potentially have  to deal with.

For a more comprehensive look into this report please click here: China Closes Its Eyes and Hopes the Evergrande Crisis Will Disappear – It Won’t – Company’s Worth Now Only 10% of Its Value from Two Years Ago

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