The Swamp, the Mysterious Family, the Gates Foundation, the Plan Pandemic – Monopoly: Who Controls the World?

Dear fellow human, I think by now you have the feeling

that something is not right about our current situation.

But I also think that the many ills founded conspiracy theories  

may have caused you to distance yourself both from the media’s scaremongering

and from those who spread the conspiracy theories.

Still, I hope you will listen to me for a moment,

because as you watch this video hundreds of millions of people

worldwide are falling into poverty because of the measures

that have been in place for so long.

And although the biggest economic crisis that we will ever experience

may not have affected you personally yet, it’s only a matter of time

before the ripple effects also reach you and your loved ones.

This is not alarmism, but the harsh reality we face.

I also think that we can limit the damage and even benefit from it,

if we are properly and objectively informed about our current situation.

Therefore, I would like to show you some

easy verifiable facts that I think are essential

Less than a handful of mega corporations dominate every aspect of our lives.

That may seem like an exaggeration,

but from the breakfast that’s on the table in the morning

to the mattress we sleep on at night and everything we do,

put on, or consuming between all are largely dependent on these corporations.

These are investment companies of immense proportions,

and they manage the major money flows on Earth.

They’re the protagonist of the play which we are currently witnessing.

 So as not the take up too much of your time

I’ve summarized the most important information as briefly as possible.

How does it work? Let’s take an example a company like PepsiCo,

which is the parent company Of many of

the most popular soft drinks and snacks in the world.

There appear to be many different competing brands,

but they all come from the factories of a small number of corporations that together

have a monopoly on the industry within the packaged food industry,

there are a number of other major companies such as

Unilever, the Coca-Cola Company, Mondelez, and Nestle.

On this image, you see that virtually every well-known brand

in the packaged food industry belongs to one of these corporations,

you can easily get this kind of information,

you can verify it on the website of the relevant Brands or on Wikipedia.

Companies of this size are usually publicly-traded

and have a board where the largest shareholders call the shots.

On websites like Yahoo finance we can find detailed company information

including who the largest shareholders of these companies are.

Let’s take PepsiCo again as an example.

We see that 73.14% of the shares are held by no less than 3,379 institutional investors.

These include investment companies, mutual funds,

insurance companies, banks, and in some cases governments.

Let’s look at who the largest institutional investors of PepsiCo are.

As you can see, just ten out of the 3379 investors account for

almost one-third of all shares.

The combined share capital of these top ten as a value of approximately 60 billion dollars.

But of those 10 investors, 3 own more shares than the remaining seven.

Let’s remember their names and let’s see who owns the most

shares at the Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi’s biggest competitor.

We see that just like with PepsiCo,The majority of the shares are held by institutional investors

Let’s look at the top 10 and start with the last one of them

Four out of these six institutional investors

We also saw at the last six of PepsiCo

These are Northern Trust

JPMorgan Chase, Geode Capital Management and Wellington Management

Now let’s look at the four largest shareholders

Three of these we also saw in the top four at PepsiCo

They are BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street

And there’s another one: Berkshire Hathaway

These are the four largest investment companies on the planet

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are anything but competitors

But also the other big companies that own many brands

Such as Unilever, Mondelez

And Nestle are owned by the same small group of institutional investors

And you don’t only find these names in the packaged food industry

First example, let’s look up on Wikipedia

what’s the largest companies are within the technology industry

Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram

together with Twitter

they form the most popular social media Platforms in the world

Alphabet is the parent company of all Google businesses

including YouTube and Gmail

but they are also the biggest sponsors and developers of Android

One of the two operating systems

On which almost all smartphones and tablets in the world run

The other operating systems Apple’s IOS

Finally, if we add Microsoft to the other three

We see that four companies produce the software that almost all computers,

tablets and smartphones in the world depend on

Let’s see who owns the most shares of these powerful companies.

If we look at Facebook

We see that more than 80% of the shares are owned by institutional investors.

These are the same names we saw in food industry

Again the same investors at the top.

Then Twitter, which was Facebook and Instagram makes up the top three

Amazingly, we see that the company is also owned by the same investors

We see them at Apple

But also with their big competitor Microsoft

When you look at all the other companies that dominate the technology industry

and build up computers, TVs, Smartphones and household appliances

we see the same big investors who own a majority of the shares

We see this within all Industries around the world

Just to show you that I’m not exaggerating

I’ll give you another example

Let’s say we want to plan a vacation. On our computer or smartphone

we look for a cheap fly to the sun through websites like Skyscanner

and Expedia, both of which belong to the same group of institutional investors.

We fly with one of the many airlines of which the majority of the shares

are often owned by the same investors, or by governments, like Air france-KLM.

The aircraft fly is in most cases a Boeing or an Airbus.

Again, we see the same names.

We look for a hotel

Or departments through


Once we arrive at our destination, we go out for dinner,

Then we write a review on Trip Advisor

The same investors are at the basis of every aspect of our journey,

And their power goes even much further

because even the kerosene that fuels the plane

comes from one of their many oil companies and refineries.

Just like a steel that the plane is made of

comes from one of their many mining companies

This small club of investment companies, banks and mutual funds

are also the largest shareholders in the primary Industries

where raw materials come from

If we look on Wikipedia for the largest mining companies in the world

we see that their shareholders are the same Institutional investors

That we see everywhere else

The same goes for the largest agricultural companies in the world

that our entire food industry depends on

For example, they own Bayer, the parent company of Monsanto

The world’s largest seed producer which produces 90% of all the cotton seed

on Earth, as well as the majority of all other seeds.

But these institutional investors are also the shareholders

of the largest textile manufacturing companies in the world

And even in numerous popular clothing brands

that turn the cotton into the clothes we wear

are owned by the same group of investors.

Whether we have the world’s largest solar panel producers

or the largest oil refineries, the shares are managed by the same companies

They own the tobacco companies who produce

who produced all the popular tobacco brands in the world.

But they also own all the major companies in the pharmaceutical industry

and the scientific institutes that produce the drugs

They own the companies that produce our metals and raw materials,

and the entire automobile, aircraft and arms industry

where those metals and raw materials are processed

They own the companies that build our electronics

They own the big department stores and online marketplaces

And even to payment methods that we used to pay for their products

Because I want to keep my story as short as possible

I’ve decided to only show the tip of the iceberg

If you decide to investigate on your own, using the sources that you’ve just seen,

then you will discover that even many

of the most well-known insurance companies, banks, construction companies,

telephone companies, restaurant chains, and cosmetic brands

are owned by the same institutional investors we just saw

These institutional investors are, as I told you earlier

Mainly investment companies, banks and insurance companies.

They are in turn also owned by shareholders.

What is the most amazing thing?

All of these institutional Investors own each other’s shares,

and together they form an immense network that we can compare to a pyramid

The smaller institutional investors are owned by larger investors

who in turn belong to even larger investors

The visible top of this pyramid consists of only two companies,

and we have seen their names many times by now

There are Vanguard and BlackRock

The power of these two companies is something we can barely imagine

Not only are they the largest institutional investors

Of every major company on Earth

they also own the other institutional investors of those companies,

giving them a complete monopoly.

According to a report by Bloomberg,

One of the most respected institutions in the world

in the field of financial data and analytics,

Experts expect that by 2028

both companies will collectively manage about 20 trillion in investments,

and into process will own almost everything on Earth

The same Bloomberg called BlackRock the fourth arm of government

because it is the only non government entity

that has a close relationship with the federal banks,

Also called the central banks.

BlackRock not only lends money to the federal banks

but is also their principal advisor

and the developer of the computer system that the federal banks use.

Dozens of BlackRock employees had senior positions in the White House

during the Bush and Obama Administrations,

and currently under Joe Biden

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is a welcomed guest

with many heads of state and politicians, and understandably so

He is the face of the company that pulls the strings

Yet Larry Fink does not pull the strings himself

In fact, BlackRock itself is owned by shareholders,

And if we look at who those shareholders are, we come to a strange conclusion.

We see that Blackrock’s largest shareholder is Vanguard

and this is where it gets dark.

Vanguard itself has a unique structure

that makes it impossible to see who its shareholders or clients are.

The elite who own Vanguard don’t want anyone to know

that the owners of the most powerful company on Earth

But of course, this is no secret to those who are willing to look into it.

Reports by Oxfam and Bloomberg show that 1% of the world’s population

collectively owns more money than the other 99%.

Indeed, Oxfam claims that as much as 82% of all the money earned in 2017

went to this 1% of people

Naturally those who owned the most powerful company on Earth

would also be the richest among this 1%

In other words, they’re part of the 0.001%

Forbes, the most well-known business magazine in the world,

claims that by March 2020 there were some 2075 billionaires.

Oxfam’s report showed, that two-thirds of all these billionaires

Obtained their fortune through inheritances and monopolies.

So this means that Vanguard is in the hands of the richest families on Earth.

If we study their history,

We discovered that these families have always belonged to the top of the pyramid,

Some even well before the Industrial Revolution began

Because their history is so interesting and extensive,

I will explain some more about them

in the follow up video that I’m currently working on.

But in order not to elaborate too far, I will just point out

that many of these families belong to royal bloodlines,

and they are the founders of our banking system, the United Nations,

and every industry in the world

These families never lost their power,

but because of an increasing world population

they were forced to hide behind investment companies

such as Vanguard, whose largest shareholders

are the private funds and nonprofit organizations of these families.

To make the bigger picture more clear,

I need to briefly explain something about these nonprofit organizations.

These are the links that connect the business community with politics

and the media, allowing major conflicts of interest.

At first glance, however, this is not too noticeable.

Nonprofits also called foundations are organizations that rely on donations,

And they do not accept publish from whom they receive those donations.

They can invest his money whatever they want

And do not have to pay tax on their profits as long as those profits

are reinvested in other projects that they are involved in.

Nonprofits can move hundreds of billions of dollars from invisible investors.

According to a report by the Australian government

This makes nonprofit organizations ideal

to finance terrorist groups and launder large sums of money.

The foundations and funds of the families who are highest in the hierarchy of the 1%

hide behind the scenes as much as possible

However, for cases that have a lot of publicity and attention,

they use the foundations of philanthropist families that are lower in the ranking,

but who are also extremely wealthy.

In order to be concise,

I will only highlight the three most important foundations in the world

that connect all the industries in the world to each other,

These are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

The Open Society foundations

of the controversial multi billionaire George Soros,

and The Clinton Foundation.

A very brief introduction to give you an idea

Of the size of these types of foundations.

According to the official website of the World Economic Forum,

The Gates Foundation is the largest funder of the World Health Organization,

After President Donald Trump halted the funding

of the WHO by the US in 2020.

This makes The Gates Foundation one of the most influential organizations

in the world in the area of everything that relates to our health.

The Gates Foundation has a close partnership

with the 16 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world,

including Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, BioNTech and Bayer,

and we have just seen who own the most shares of these companies.

Bill Gates was anything but a poor computer nerd

Who made it to one of the richest people in the world,

But he came from a philanthropic family

that, just like himself, worked for the absolute elite.

Bill is the founder of Microsoft,

Which is owned by BlackRock, Vanguard and, until recently, Berkshire Hathaway.

But at the same time, the Gates Foundation is the largest shareholder,

after BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street,

in Berkshire Hathaway, where he was even on the board for a while.

We would spend hours if we considered everything

The Gates Foundation, The Open Society Foundations of George Soros

and The Clinton Foundation are involved in,

but because they connect us with the next topic

and with the current events, this brief introduction was important.

I think the next topic should start with a question.

A random person like myself, with very little experience in video editing,

using an old laptop, can in 20 minutes objectively portray

that only two companies have a total monopoly

over all the industries in the world.

So the natural question is: why don’t you hear about all of this in the media?

“What?” “That is a good question.”

Every day we have the choice between countless reports,

documentaries and television programs, and yet not one of them talks about this.

Is it something that interesting enough,

or might there perhaps be other interested play?

The answer we get again from Wikipedia.

About 90% of the international media is owned by nine media conglomerates.

The companies owned by these media conglomerates are too many to mention,

So I’m just going to show you the most important brands that we all know.

ViacomCBS is the parent company of, among others, all CBS channels

Paramount, where the most famous movies and series in the world come from,

MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon,

the popular British Channel Five and the popular Australian Ten.

Guess who the largest shareholders of ViacomCBS are?

Before we look at the other major conglomerates,

let’s not forget to mention

our extremely powerful streaming monopolists

Netflix and Amazon Prime,

both of which belong to the same shareholders.

Then AT&T

Which is the parent company of Warner Brothers, HBO, Discovery Channel, CNN,

Cartoon Network, TNT, DC and many other well-known Brands.

Guess who the largest shareholders of AT&T are?

The third one Is the all powerful News Corp.

This company owns many of the most well-known National Regional newspapers,

magazines and TV channels in the US the UK and Australia.

The shares of News Corp are owned by the american multi-billionaire

Rupert Murdoch, and by institutional investors

we see everywhere else.

News Corp’s sister company is Fox Corporation

which is also one of the most powerful media conglomerates on Earth.

Just like News Corp

it is owned by the Murdoch family and the usual investors.

Then Walt Disney Company,

a conglomerate of unimaginable dimensions, with many subsidiaries such as Pixar,

Marvel, 20th Century, Lucas Film, ABC, National Geographic and Hulu.

who are their biggest shareholders?

Another powerful media conglomerate is Comcast

This is the parent company of NBC, DreamWorks, Universal, The Sky Group,

Focus Features, Xfinity and many other major media brands.

I should would expect

their largest shareholders are Vanguard and BlackRock.

I could go on for hours and show that in almost every country on Earth

the local media in the hands

of these kind of conglomerates

which in turn are owned by our institutional investors

or by extremely rich and powerful Elite families.

In the UK, for example, virtually all popular newspapers

and magazines are owned by the Daily Mail Group, Reach and the Aforementioned News Corp.

In the Netherlands,

the entire media is in the hands of “de Persgroep”, Mediahuis and Bertelsmann.

And in German, the entire media is either controlled by the German government,

ProSiebenSat1, Axel Springer and again, Bertelsmann,

which is also a conglomerate of unprecedented dimensions.

Not only is this parent company

of the largest book publisher in the world, Penguin Random House,

and owner of founder of BMG music,

Bertelsmann also controls a large part of the European media

Through their subsidiary RTL, a company with 67 TV channels,

Ten streaming platforms and 38 radio stations.

Bertelsmann is owned by the ultra-rich Bertelsmann-Mohn family

who openly collaborated with the Nazis.

Because of this, Reinhardt Mohn was held as a prisoner of war in the US.

Besides RTL, Bertelsmann also owns a large part

of the French mainstream media, and together with Media Set,

the powerful Italian conglomerate of former president Berlusconi,

thay controls the most important part of the Italian mainstream media,

They also own all popular Spanish TV channels.

Now, to complete the picture,

let’s look at where the news comes from

that all these media outlets are feeding us on a daily basis.

The various news media do not produce their news themselves,

but use information and images from news agencies

Such as Reuters, the Dutch ANP and the French AFP

These organizations are anything but independent.

Reuters is owned by the powerful Canadian Thompson family.

The ANP is owned by Dutch investor Cees Oomen,

The AFP is largely financed by the French government.

The main journalists and editors who work at our media

or at these news agencies

are affiliated with important journalistic organizations

such as the European Journalism Center.

These are one of the largest funders of media related projects across Europe,

They train journalists,

produce study materials, give internships at, for example, the ANP

and work closely with the world’s largest corporations such as Google and Facebook.

For journalistic analysis and opinion

all the major media outlets in the world use Project Syndicate,

the most powerful organization within its field.

It supplies 506 most important media outlets in 156 countries.

Project Syndicate plus an organization such as the European Journalism Center,

together with the news agencies,

are the connecting link between all the different media outlets around the world.

When newscasters read the news from their teleprompters, there’s a good chance

that the text comes from one of these organizations.

As a result, the global media is often synchronized in its reporting.

Anchors: “But we’re concerned about the troubling trend

Of irresponsible, one sided news stories

Plaguing our country.

The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

More alarming, some media outlets publish

these same fake stories without checking facts first.

The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common

on social media.

More alarming, some media outlets publish

these same fake stories without checking facts first.

Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms

to push their own personal bias and agenda

to control exactly what people think,

and this is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

In September 2020,

the European Journalism Center and Facebook set up a fund

to support selected news organizations

to do the reporting during the Corona crisis.

Let’s see who the organizations are

that along with the news agencies, produce our news.

At Project syndicate we see The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

The open Society Foundation and The European journalism Center.

Then the European Journalism Center itself.

Again, we see the Gates Foundation and The Open Society Foundation,

and they also receive large donations from Facebook, Google,

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science,

And from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The organizations that are at the heart of our information flow

are funded by the nonprofit organizations of the same elite

who also controls the entire media.

However, a part of our tax money goes to these organizations as well.

Okay, I realized this was a lot of information

to process and believe me, I’ve made it as short as possible,

And I’ve only used those examples that seemed necessary

to show you the overall picture,

so you can understand the current situation better.

It is an all-encompassing topic

that can change your view of many historical events,

but my goal is to inform you about the danger

in which we presently find ourselves.

There will be enough time for us to delve into the past,

So let’s talk about the current events now.

The elite that controls every aspect of our lives,

Up to the information that we receive,

Depends on an unimaginably coordinated collaboration

to keep all the different Industries on earth connected to

each other, in order to ensure they all work in the elite’s interest.

This happens at the World Economic Forum,

one of the most important organizations in the world.

At its annual meeting in Davos, the CEOs of the largest companies on Earth

Gather along with heads of state, politicians and other influential

individuals and organizations like UNICEF and Greenpeace.

Serving on The Board of Trustees are

former US vice-president and” climate change guru” Al Gore,

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink,

the president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde,

The director of CERN, Fabiola Gianotti,

the queen of Jordan,

the director of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer,

and many other politicians and CEOs

of the world’s most influential companies.

According to the WEF’s official website,

their annual membership fee ranges between 53000 and 530000 euros

But according to the WEF’s year reports, around 71% of their total budget

comes from its partners, who in this way pay for the membership

of young politicians who cannot afford their own fee.

Wikipedia reports the following:

According to critics, the WEF is a business forum

where the wealthiest companies can negotiate deals

with other companies or with politicians.

The purpose of the WEF, for many of the participants,

would be personal gain instead of solving global problems.”

I don’t like to make assumptions,

but would there be so many problems on Earth

if the key industry leaders, bankers and politicians since 1971

had gathered annually to solve our world’s problems?

Is it not strange that the world’s leading environmental organizations have been

meeting for 50 years with the CEOs of the most heavily polluting corporations

while things just keep getting worse for our natural world?

That these critics of the WEF are right

Soon becomes clear when we look at who the most important partners are

that accounts for almost 71% of the WEF’s budget.

They are BlackRock, The open Society foundations,

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many other large corporations

of whom Vanguard and BlackRock own the shares directly or indirectly.

The president and founder of the WEF Klaus Schwab,

a German professor and businessman.

In his book The Great Reset, he described in detail the plans of his organization.

The coronavirus, according to him,

is the excellent opportunity to literally reset our society in every regard.

He calls this “Build Back Better”,

and this slogan seems to be the motto of all globalist politicians in the world.

“And it’s now a historical moment,

a crucial moment to rebuild the future, to reset our policies.”

“And of course, we also want to work together

on building back better.”

“You know, I said we’re gonna build back and we’re gonna build back better.”

“It’s certainly a major crisis, but it also offers us a unique opportunity.”

“We must use this historical opportunity…”

“Together we can turn a crisis into an opportunity.”

“But this global pandemic has also created

an opportunity to build back better.”

“…to build back better later.”

“But also to build back better.”

“…to build back a better world.”

“…to build back better…”

“We can’t just build back. We gotta build back better.”

“And achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

“And climate action Is an essential part of that.”

According to Schwab,

our old society should be exchanged for a new one

in which countries give up your sovereignty

to an all-encompassing world government

in which people own nothing but work for the state

in exchange for their housing, healthcare, and all their other basic needs.

All of this is necessary, according to the WEF,

because our modern consumer society, which the elite themselves imposed on us,

can’t keep going as it is, it’s no longer sustainable.

Schwab says in this book that we will never return to the old normal.

And the WEF publish a video that makes it clear that in 2030 we will own nothing,

but we will be happy.

You’ve probably heard some talk about the New World Order.

The media wants us to believe that this is a topic for conspiracy theorists,

although it has been talked about for generations

by presidents such as George Bush Senior, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton.

We have before us the opportunity to forge

for ourselves and for future Generations a New World Order,

a world for the rule of law, not the law of the jungle,

governs the conduct of nations

When we are successful, and we will be,

we have a real chance at this New World Order.

An order in which a credible United Nations

can use its peacekeeping role

to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.”

After 1989 Present Bush said a phrase that I often use myself:

that we needed a New World Order.”

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a New World Order.”

But also by the world’s most famous philanthropists such as Cecil Rhodes,

David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and even George Soros.

“You need a New World Order

that China has to be part of the process of creating it,

and they have to buy in. They have to own it.”

These important figures who apart from Mandela,

were all among the top of the elite where they were still alive,

are not the only ones who dream about an all powerful world government.

In 2015, the UN presented its controversial Agenda 2030,

which is almost identical to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

In their own words the UN, like Schwab, wants to ensure that by 2030, poverty,

Hunger, environmental pollution and disease no longer exist on Earth.

It sounds like a sympathetic plan

until you read the fine print. You see, the idea

is that Agenda 2030 is going to be paid for by us, the citizens.

And just as it is currently required of us

that we give up our basic rights for the sake of public health,

we will be demanded to give up our wealth in favor of poverty reduction.

These are not conspiracy theories.

You can read this for yourself on their official website.

In short, it boils down to this:

the UN want to take tax money from all Western countries and give it

to the mega corporations of the elite, who will be contracted to rebuild society.

Globally a completely new infrastructure is needed

because fossil fuels must be made a thing of the past according to the UN.

For this immense project, a world government is needed, says the UN,

and the same UN takes it upon herself to be this local government.

Just like Schwab,

the UN also believes that a pandemic is the perfect opportunity

to accelerate the implementation of agenda 2030.

It is worrisome that the WEF and the UN openly admit that they considered pandemics

and other disasters as an opportunity to transform society,

especially since we have seen

that the elite have all the resources at their disposal

to make us believe that there is a pandemic, and even to create one.

So we certainly should not take these things lightly,

we should examine them carefully.

And when we do that, we come across things that are even more troubling.

On Friday, October 18, 2019, months before the pandemic was declared,

a meeting was held at the Pierre Hotel in New York City

for a select group of about 130 very important guests,

Including politicians and the world’s most respected medics and pharmacists.

The purpose of the meeting was to simulate the possible scenarios

in the event of a global pandemic.

This could be a coincidence, you might say.

For this simulation however, a coronavirus was used as an example.

The simulation covered in detail how the coronavirus would develop

and how they could only control this through the intensive collaboration

of entire Industries, governments and government agencies.

Once again, a New World Order to save us from destruction.

Does it surprise you when I tell you that this meeting, called Event 201,

was organized by none other than the World Economic Forum,

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the John Hopkins Institute?

This is not a conspiracy theory.

Check the official website of event 201 for yourself.

Perhaps at this point it will no longer surprise you

that the German “Robert Koch Institute”,

Which, like every National Health Institute in the world,

is closely linked the WHO, which is funded by Bill Gates,

created a similar simulation in 2012.

As was the case during Event 201,

the simulation assumed a Coronavirus.

The simulation assumed that in a Southeast Asian food market

a coronavirus would spread from animal to human.

How coincidental isn’t it?

In this simulation it takes several weeks for the authorities

to do identify the virus, allowing it to spread worldwide.

A simulation is made of the consecutive three years in which there are lockdowns

and economies are destroyed,

but also the impact on society is simulated in all aspects.

Even to protests.

I won’t tire you with the details.

In fact, you can download this analysis for yourself

from the website of the German government.

The last thing I want to show is an excerpt from lecture

that Belgian top virologist Mark van Ranst gave on January 22, 2019,

at the Chatham House, a major nonprofit organization in London,

where important world leaders meet to discuss global issues.

Winners of the Chatham House prize include Hillary Clinton,

Melinda Gates and John Kerry.

What van Ranst is discussing is simply shocking.

Van Ranst, in fact explains

how he has fooled the entire Belgian population during the Swine Flu

through fear mongering out of context mortality rates and media manipulation.

He laughingly explains how he managed

to impose the vaccine for the Swine Flu on the frightened Belgian population.

A vaccine produced by the pharmaceutical companies he worked for

“Thank you very much, Ab.

Thanks for the invitation”

And I was asked to tell you about my experiences being the crisis manager,

the Flue Commissioner for Belgium, and highlighting the communication.

And then you have one opportunity to do it right.

I mean, day one is so important. In day one, you start your communication

with the Press, with the people and you have to do it right.

I mean, you have to go for one voice, one message.

In Belgium, they chose to appoint a non politician to do that.

I have no party affiliations,

and that makes things a little bit, at that time at least, a little bit easier

because you’re not attacked politically, majority minority.

That doesn’t come into play

and that was a huge advantage.

The second advantage is that you can play in Brussels the complete naive guy

and get a lot more done than you would otherwise be able to do.

You have to be only omnipresent that first day,

or the first days, so that you attract the media attention.

You make an agreement with them, that you will tell them all,

and if they call, you will pick up the phone.

When you do that, then you can profit from these early days

to get complete corporate coverage of the field,

and they’re not going to search for alternative voices there.

And if you do that, that makes things a lot easier. These first weeks,

that’s easy street when you have no

opposition and everybody needs news and they can come to you for news,

you can bring quite a lot of neutral information and it is picked up and,

and it is, well, the news is brought the away you bring it

and you can only do that in the first couple of weeks or months.

And then you have to say, okay, well, we will have H1N1 deaths.

Of course, that would be unavoidable.

I used Sir Donaldson’s quote

where he said that in the UK, by the peak of the epidemic,

40 people would die per day at the end of the summer.

So 62, at that time, million people in the UK, 40 deaths a day.

I worked it out for Belgium.

That would be seven deaths a day at the peak of the epidemic.

I used that in the media.

Seven Belgian flu deaths per day at the peak of the epidemic would be realistic.

That is true in every year. Even inter epidemically,

that is very conservative.

However talking about fatality is important

because when you say that, people say: wow, what do you mean?

People die because of influenza? And that was a necessary step to take.

And then, of course,

a couple of days later, you had the first N1H1 death in the country,

and the scene was set and it was already talked about.

And then you have to pick who’s going to be vaccinated first,

and then women and children first, whatever, I mean

risk groups they were important.

And then I misused the fact that the top football soccer clubs in Belgium,

inappropriately and against all

agreements, vaccinated, they made their soccer players priority people.

So I said, I can use that

because if the population really believes

that this vaccine is so desirable that even the soccer players would be dishonest

to get their vaccine, I said, okay, I can play with that.

So I made a big fuzz about this.

This is van Ranst is raving mad,

But it worked

The Chatham House organization is also funded

by all major corporations of the elite,

The Gates Foundation and The Open Society Foundations.

We could talk for hours about the coronavirus,

which has the survival rate of 99.98%,

and about the incomprehensible measures that are destroying our society.

Millions of entrepreneurs have lost their income.

Countless elderly people have died in loneliness, isolated from their families,

but I think we have reviewed enough facts

that put the global covid measures in a broader context,

seen from the perspective of elite.

This is extremely wealthy elite,

Who collectively have tens of thousands of billions,

has no problem whatsoever with the fact

that more than 40% of the world’s population

has to live on less than five and a half dollar a day,

or that millions of children are dying

from the drinking water contaminated by them, or from malnutrition,

or by their bullets and bombs.

They just want to get more powerful.

The elite has absolutely no intention to share their wealth with us.

In fact, they’re honest about their plans

to take even the last bit from us, and those plans are being rolled out

as I’m telling this.

The underlying motives of the elite

will not be explained in this episode,

because for this we have to dive into history

and discuss topics that are beyond our modern, rational thinking.

But for now you may understand well enough with the simple logic

that a new world order, or an all-encompassing world government

is the only way for a small elite to retain its power

over an ever increasing world population.

Companies like BlackRock and Vanguard do not benefit

from national borders, import taxes and real diversity.

Only through fear and media manipulation can they maintain their grip on all of us,

and I deliberately haven’t even mentioned the inhumane blackmailing methods

by which the elite keep own most important minions in line,

because if this topic has aroused your curiosity,

you will undoubtedly find out all about this in time.

The elite has no intention to cure us

from the countless diseases we’ve contracted from the toxic food

they’re produced.

From the environmental pollution which they have caused.

After all, if we didn’t get sick,

the entire pharmaceutical industry would collapse.

“Nothing sells like fear” is the motto of top virologist like Mark van Ranst.

You will be amazed, as I was

When you discover that we have been warned countless times about this elite.

“I think we’re being run by maniacs.

If anybody can put on paper what our government

and the American government, et cetera, and like Russian, Chinese,

what they are actually trying to do, I think they’re all insane.

But I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.

That’s what is insane about it.

I mean, don’t you agree?”

For we are opposed around world

by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means

for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion,

on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice,

on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources

into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine

that combines military,

diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparation are concealed not published.

Its mistakes are buried, not headlined

Its dissenters are silences, not praised.

No expenditures is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.

“President Kennedy has been assassinated, it’s official now.”

The President is dead.

Women here in shock, some of them fainted, Secret Service men standing

by the emergency room, tears streaming down their faces.

There’s only one word to describe the picture here and that’s grief,

and much of it. It’s official.

As of just a few moments ago,

the President of the United States is dead.

“When you’re talking about really elite levels, the name of the game is blackmail.

That’s what runs the whole system basically.

They want compromised people

because they’re easy to control.

I’m not suicidal.

I’m not suicidal.

“The Deep state is those people within the US government

that are career employees that cannot be fired

by people that we elect,

by the Congress or the President.

Are these people in the control? Can they enact laws?

Fuck yes!

Can we fire these people? No. Can presidents fire them?


It’s designed that way so that political parties

and political interests cannot affect the Deep State.

Do you understand the nightmare of our situation, people?

It is no secret. It is as open as it can be,

The Deep State does control America.

Wake up people, please God.

Use some common fucking sense. Thank you.”

Something like 1984 could actually happen.

This is the direction the world is going in

at the present time

In our world,

there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph and self abasement.

The sex instinct will be eradicated.

There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the party.

But always there will be the intoxication of power.

Always at every moment there will be

the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy

who is helpless.

If you want a pictures of the future,

Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one.

Don’t let it happen.

It depends on you.”

With this video I hope to reach you

to reduce the ever increasing distance between us.

Only when we are divided can the elite retain its powder over us.

The greatest fear of the elite is that we will realize

what is really going on on Earth.

And the only way the elite thinks

they can prevent this from happening is through censorship,

preventing human contact,

the incessant framing of political opponents or those who think differently,

and the use of brute force.

The plans of the elite are clear,

and so is the ruthless way in which they want to accomplish them.

If we allow this to happen

a new society will be built on the ashes of what we once knew.

A new society in which we will own nothing, not even a home of our own.

The elite wants to make sure that between now

and 2030 everything you now own will be theirs.

For this a devastating economic crisis is necessary.

First, the middle class is attacked, which is the backbone of society.

Entrepreneurs are forced to go into tremendous debts,

which will ultimately cause them to lose all their possessions.

After that, things will move quickly.

Banks will fall,

Cash money will seize to exist,

and the only way not to starve to death will be the acceptance

of government support, which will include several conditions

such as the vaccination passport and giving up all private possessions.

Because the entrepreneurs are the first to fall,

many others won’t immediately feel the crisis.

The people remain divided among themselves until it is too late.

This is not a doomsday scenario that I’ve made up

This is simply The Great Reset, the New World Order,

which has been prepared for many generations,

and which has been extensively tested

in every Communist dictatorship in the world.

But this can also go a different direction,

Instead of a Great Reset, we can cause a Great Awakening,

and create a world where no one has to go hungry

and where we can live in a sustainable way

in freedom with each other and with nature.

This is not idealistic daydream.

There have always been forces

that have sought to break the power of the elite,

but until recently our means of communication

were always insufficient to get a mass network in motion.

The elite have always kept us in ignorance

about the discoveries of geniuses such as Tesla

who was far advanced in the field of clean, free energy.

Or Dr. Rite,

who used radio waves to cure at least 16 terminal cancer patients

before he, just as Tesla, died in a suspicious manner.

Or Henry Ford who in 1941 had already made

a car out of bioplastic that proved stronger than steel.

The elite have hidden countless such techniques from us

because they form a threat to their monopolies in every industry.

These were techniques that would have given us freedoms

and put the elite’s power at risk,

which is based on our fear and dependence on their projects.

These are not conspiracy theories but facts.

What I am saying is that a world of new possibilities is opening up for all of us

where there is no poverty, no pollution, diseases or wars,

and in which governments work

for the welfare of the people rather than the other way around.

Countless ailments that provide a Pharma industry

with hundreds of billions of dollars will be cured.

No one will have to work their ass off to live a dignified life.

People will no longer live in fear because of the lies of the media,

the pharmacy industry, the Climate Lobbyists and politicians.

It’s all on the horizon, but we have to go through the storm first,

recognize what the real problem is in our society.

I want to thank you for listening to me and I hope someday in freedom

together we will reflect back

on this unique moment in history.

There is still so much to tell but we will save the rest for later.

This video was only intended as an introduction.

This is where our journey starts and it will be a difficult one,

but we will undertake it together.

and we will help each other get up when we fall.

We will not be afraid.

We are the 99%.


You may feel scared, confused or alone after watching this video.

It is part of the process called awakening.

You are not alone.

Millions of us are welcoming you with open arms.

We can all help change our world by sharing truth with others.

So please forward this video to your friends and family

But more importantly: send it to your family doctor

Your hospital, school, pastor, mayor,…

and others who have a responsible function in your community.

If we all share this video

we can wake up humanity.

Together we can stop corruption

and make a better world.

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