Beijing Issues Another Vaccine Mandate: Anyone Working as Couriers Must Get the Booster Shots

Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89 

It is understood that since Beijing launched the vaccine booster shots, various vaccine mandatory policies have been issued to the general people.

In late October, it was required that people working as cooks, buyers, cleaners, security guards, etc. must be fully vaccinated, otherwise, they cannot continue doing their jobs.

Two weeks later, on November 20, the Beijing CDC issued a COVID booster mandatory order—people working as couriers and delivery jobs in the city must be fully vaccinated or they would not be allowed to work.

In response to such frequent moves by the Beijing CDC, it probably relates to the people’s negative attitude to the vaccination. Some netizens broke the news that at present, most people are not willing to get the COVID vaccine, making many vaccination sites look really desolate.


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