Mr. Guo’s First Live Streaming was Viewed by Exceeded 400 Million People on Social Media

Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89 

In the live streaming on Nov. 20, Miles Guo pointed out that the number of fellow fighters who want to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) further exceeds the number was announced by the CCP. Every time, Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on GTV has more than tens of millions of online viewers, which is significant proof. The number of people who silently support the Whistleblower Movement is countless.

Mr. Guo broke the news that the night he first went live streaming on social media in 2017, there were more than 400 million people had watched the video at that time. Xi Jinping called and yelled at Liu Yanping, an official of the Ministry of State Security of Communist China, to express his serious displeasure on the incident.

Three years ago, Mr. Guo broke through the Chinese Communist Party’s “siege” and held a successful press conference with Steve Bannon on November 20. This is a far-reaching historical event. Looking back to the past, there will be 90-95% of Chinese people eventually want to eradicate the CCP.


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