Czech People Protest Against New COVID Restrictions on the Unvaccinated, Demanding “Freedom”

Translated by: MOS Education Team — Wintermfall 

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With the surge of new infections of the CCP virus in the European Union, protesters took to the streets of the Czech capital of Prague on Nov 22, denouncing the government`s restrictions on unvaccinated people. 

New restrictions became effective on the day of protest. Unvaccinated people are no longer allowed to go to bars, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels and other public places by showing negative test results. People who are vaccinated or have recovered from the CCP virus are not restricted. The measures were approved in an effort to increase the country`s vaccination rate, which is currently below the EU average.

Recently, the CCP virus infections in the Czech Republic have been rapidly increasing, hitting a new record twice last week. Among the nation’s 10.7 million population, over 2 million cases with 32,173 deaths have been registered. 


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