Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 24th, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In his live broadcast on November 24th, 2021, Mr. Guo speaks of the damage Zhao Changpeng caused by leaking Binance users’ information to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He also shares stories of Liu Chuanzhi, a Chinese patriot and an influential person in the Chinese electronics industry. In contrast, the CCP propagandists such as Fang Zhouzi, Sima Nan, and Hu Xijin instigate anti-Chinese sentiments. In the end, Mr. Guo explains his definition of a country and an alliance. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Has the stock market crash begun?

Not yet. When the crash starts, the price will plunge like a vertical line.

This round of GTV investment will conclude soon.

I (Miles Guo) initially mentioned in the chat group that you can pledge Himalaya Coins and borrow money to invest in GTV at $0.1/share. The institutional investors say they cannot accept it, and our action has impacted their negotiation on GTV’s new acquisition. Those who have registered and sent money can complete the investment by December 31, but GTV will not accept new investors.

Institutions want shares in the Himalaya Federal Reserve.

The new GTV holding compamny will own 5% of the Himalaya Federal Reserve forever. The Himalaya Federal Reserve will issue 100 billion coins in 100 years. At today’s coin price of $40, 5% of $4 trillion is $200 billion. The Himalaya Federal Reserve’s shares have not been distributed yet, but the brothers in arms are guaranteed to own 5% of the shares. This is why institutional investors haven’t joined the Himalaya Coin trading yet. Their prerequisite for investing $10 billion is to become the original shareholder of the Himalaya Federal Reserve. They want to buy the shares. 

The CCP’s undercover agents must not take away the money. Rewarded Himalaya Coins will have a three-year lock-up period.

I (Miles Guo) guess the brothers in arms invested $600-700 million or no more than $ 1 billion in Himalaya Coins. Except for the Himalaya Coins given to you as rewards, you are free to buy and sell the coins on the Himalaya Exchange. However, if you now dump the rewarded Himalaya Coins in the market, you take everyone’s money away because there are only $1 billion of Himalaya Dollars. This is why there’s a lock-up period for IPO shares. We cannot let CCP undercover agents take away the bucket (market) before water (capital) flows in. 

On the other hand, if funds come in and no one sells the coins at $40, the Himalaya Coin price could rise to $400 quickly and even $20,000. The funds have $20 billion in cash. Brothers in arms cannot even afford to buy Himalaya Coins at $400. We review 1000 KYC applications a day now, up from 300 in the past, of which 20-30% are foreigners.

First, you should have a trusted third party to keep all your accounts information. Second, make sure the CCP doesn’t take your phone, computer, and other electronic devices. The CCP conducts a strict search of people leaving the country. Third, I heard that the CCP agents cashed out $70-$90 million of Himalaya Coins. If you are a brother in arms, please be bound by the lock-up period. Please get in touch with the Himalaya farms. If you disagree with the lock-up period or refuse to contact the farms, we are sorry to take back your coins because you could cause others to lose.

If everyone sells Himalaya Coins simultaneously, the price will take a nosedive, and the institutions will eventually scoop up all the coins. In another scenario, if 99% of the people don’t sell and the Himalaya Coin price skyrockets, those who do sell will take away all the money in the market. The only solution to both problems is to prevent the price from rising sharply and suddenly. Now the only option for brothers in arms is to accept the three-year lock-up period. However, you can keep a few rewarded coins as living expenses.

Zhao Changpeng must be prosecuted for selling out Binance users’ information to the CCP, which will cause harm to many.

Lele, a brother in arms, has a $27 million investment in Binance. A while ago, he sold those investments to buy Himalaya Coins, but Binance simply prohibited him from withdrawing cash. This example suggests that Binance is playing dirty. Several of Lele’s acquaintances who invested in Binance suddenly disappeared. The CCP arrested them at home for illegal purchase of overseas digital currencies, but these people did not buy Himalaya Coins or knew about the Whistleblowers Movement.

Miles Guo will take legal responsibility for saying that Binance gave all the KYC information to the CCP. Three months ago, it was legal for you to use Binance, but now the CCP designates the purchase of overseas digital currencies as an economic crime and suspected subversion of the state. Anyone, who has done KYC at Binance and doesn’t want to be imprisoned, should report to David and the leaders of the Himalaya farms. We will initiate litigation overseas.

Zhao Changpeng’s Binance has tens of billions of dollars trading volume per day. However, he has nowhere but Dubai to hide. Dubai and the CCP have an extradition agreement. If Zhao comes to the US, he will be arrested. Dubai has the CCP’s intelligence bases and workstations. All the people who want to collude with the CCP go to Dubai. This son of a bitch Zhao Changpeng is in cahoots with the CCP. We must make sure that people worldwide who have opened accounts with Binance come forward and speak up and bring a class-action lawsuit against him. We are working with the US and European governments to bring Zhao Changpeng to justice because he has leaked a lot of information about US citizens, not just Chinese, but users worldwide. I am in contact with many countries, which are very active on the case. We want to seize Zhao Changpeng’s assets overseas.

The CCP framed up one brother in arms in the US because he bought $600,000 of cryptocurrency through Binance. He fled from China 20 years ago, leaving his family behind. He started a new family in the US. The CCP obtained his personal information but failed to repatriate him, so the CCP reported to the US government about his tax evasion and passed on his Binance account to the IRS. This person was immediately arrested. He will most likely be deported. The CCP can put your information on the dark web. Fei Fei and Kalixi, who have Binance accounts, will face endless harassment. Your information will be sold over and over again.

Zhao Changpeng doesn’t have any country to go to. Africa, Dubai, and almost all of the countries like Taiwan, Japan, USA, and Hispanic and French-speaking countries will almost always arrest him. All of his coin trading operations were risky and illegal, with no headquarters and no venue. Binance is an absolute fraud. First, Wang Qishan arranged for him to attend Bloomberg’s summit to bash the Himalaya Coin. Second, he hides in Dubai and cooperates with the CCP intelligence agency. Third, it’s easy for the CCP to assassinate him.

The Vaccine Disaster

In Mainland China, the CCP can’t cover up the gas pipe explosions, building explosions, and ubiquitous traffic accidents. People are getting sick in China. Child mortality rate, stillbirth rate, deformed infant rate, pericarditis, myocarditis, and traffic accidents are rising. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Behind each vaccine victim is a family and a job. If the trend continues, you will see more natural gas pipeline explosions. The most devastating thing you see is that a mother collapsed on the street in Zhengzhou, and her two children didn’t know what happened to their mother. When the vaccine ruins a person, the family will be torn apart. The most terrible thing is that suddenly a person has a stroke and survives. Will there be family members to take care of him?

I (Miles Guo) told you about the buddy in Gibraltar. He said, “Mr. Guo, I have to tell you, it’s worse than you think. Four of my sister-in-law’s family died, two suicides, and two vaccine deaths.” The marginal effect of one death ruins one family or several families. One sick person will need the services of the whole social system. Today, 30-60% of people live in the city, where food, electricity, and finance are centralized and integrated. Can you keep the supply chain going when the governments vaccinate people like this? Rich people, religious people, and lawyers are all vaccinated. Lawyers and judges could be unavailable. Society can be fragile and prone to catastrophes because of modernization. Vaccination will definitely stop. The vaccine disaster is definitely man-made, the result of the combined work of the CCP, the greedy sons of bitches in the west, and the dark forces; otherwise, the entire social media wouldn’t have unanimous censorship on the vaccine.

Inflation in Communist China

Communist China’s GDP must have been down for the last three years, but stocks went up, so why did the market go up? It is due to money printing. M2 is too powerful. In the past two years, the CCP printed more than 40 trillion yuan. M2 has been inflated, and the stock market went up 20-30%. The yuan is called the local currency. The essence of the yuan is that it is used in China but not circulated worldwide. People call the US dollar a hard currency because it has a global circulation and is recognized worldwide. To this day, the yuan is not a world-recognized currency. This year, the CCP has printed 20 trillion yuan, and its impact shows up in the stock market. If China’s $15 trillion GDP grows by 6%, how much money is that? When you put these figures together, you will have an idea of the inflation-deflation index of the Chinese people. The North Stock Exchange index can’t rise on its own. There is a complete lack of confidence.

The CCP stock market is a fraud.

What do you mean by red capital? In a word, red capital is a fraud. The CCP’s so-called stock market is a scam that cheats people’s money. In the previous stock market crash, families lost their entire fortune, jumped off buildings, and committed suicide. Chinese people gamble in the stock market. 90% of the CCP stock market are retail players, while 80-90% of the US stock market are institutions. The entire CCP stock market is a casino.

The CCP loots the people in the name of the rule of law.

The CCP is not robbing the rich to help the poor. The poor become poorer, and the CCP becomes richer. During the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, nearly 80 million to 100 million people died, and the CCP took away all the land that is still owned by the CCP today. The CCP wants to tax your properties that have no land ownership. This revolution of overthrowing the landlord to redistribute the land is called legal robbery. Who said this first? Wang Huning first told Xi this idea, “We can no longer kill the landlord to redistribute the land, but we can legally achieve equal wealth through manipulating the market.” These were Wang Huning’s original words in 2006. In the CCP system, it is not bad money that drives out good; it is bad money turning good money into bad money. The essence of bad people ruling over good people is that bad people turn good people into more evil people than themselves.

The United States has invested $6-$7 trillion in Communist China.

The CCP has promised to convert Evergrande equity to debt and avoid Evergrande, Sunac, and R&F bankruptcies as long as the US participates in the Beijing Winter Olympics. The CCP’s real estate companies will certainly go bankrupt after the Olympics. If Wall Street believes in the CCP’s lies, can you trust the US financial markets? The United States has invested nearly $50,000 billion in Communist China based on published official statistics; in fact, it could be $7 trillion or even up to 10 trillion. Do you think the financial market can hold up?

Li Keqaing: Entrepreneurs should run away when they have big money.

Once Li Keqiang had a drink with me. He said, “You do not engage in real estate in Henan. You headed to Beijing. Hu Baosen is in Henan, not going anywhere. Hu kept a star who played Pan Jinlian as his mistress for a year. She blackmailed him a hundred million yuan and made a mess. Compared to you, Hu Baosen is going downhill. Chinese entrepreneurs do not know that with little money, they should build a family business; with medium money, make some friends; with big money, they should flee China. Just have to run! Miles, I find you are smarter. You make foreign friends, and a lot of your money is stored overseas. The stupid Hu Baosen has repatriated money to China. Sooner or later, the CCP will ruin him.” These are the original words of Li Keqiang. Why didn’t Miles Guo have a US passport? Li Keqiang said, “Miles, you should not have a US passport; otherwise, you can’t associate with us. If you have a US passport, you can’t enter Zhongnanhai and the military facilities.” So I didn’t have a US passport, I could freely visit the old bastards in Zhongnanhai. 

What can Communist China produce?

It produces prostitutes and sells labor and productivity. In 2000, China’s GDP was $1.3 trillion. After joining the WTO, China’s GDP grew to $15 trillion. Why did China join the WTO? China gained manufacturing jobs and dollars, printed a lot of yuan, and started to do real estate development. All the CCP has done is sell land. The United States has Apple Computer, YouTube, Google, Elon Musk, IBM, biotechnology, automobile, aircraft, and pharmaceutical industries. Any of those industries can produce GDP equal to half of China’s output. First, 68% of all modern technology products in the world are produced in the United States. Second, the US funds control 80-90% of all the world’s large, profitable companies.

Liu Chuanzhi is well respected.

We judge things by studying their essence. The CCP started the Reform and Opening policy to let a small part of the people get rich. Every year the CCP reiterated the policy to strengthen its implementation. The CCP tossed around the idea that private property should not be violated, but the CCP has never put it into the constitution. The CCP talked about the co-existence of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, but suddenly Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan came to power and wanted the state-owned enterprises to take the lead. State-owned enterprises are machines of corruption and embezzlement in the name of the country. They are machines of robbery with a completely asymmetric and unfair advantage over the private enterprises.

Mr. He Lingle was my mentor. At that time, many large enterprises with the Chinese Academy of Sciences background were Mr. He Lingle’s followers. Mr. He took this group of entrepreneurs to Japan to study and learn from Sony, Sanyo, and Sharp. Liu Chuanzhi became known in that era. Liu did not have the right to speak for himself until 2013. The Taishan Club has ruined Liu Chuanzhi, who has no political ambitions and genuinely wants to run a business. There are countless Chinese entrepreneurs Liu Chuanzhi has cultivated. Mr. He was the first big boss in China’s technology sector. He Lingle opened the door to China’s electronics industry. Mr. He said that China’s electronics industry and the Internet industry all have to thank Liu Chuanzhi.

I’ve never spoken to Liu Chuanzhi personally. I’ve met him a few times. Back then, I visited Sanatorium Hospital with a big entourage. Liu Chuanzhi was waiting in line to see a doctor. Liu Chuanzhi was that low-key. He often went over alone to see a doctor. This was 2006. After Pangu opened, the most prominent customers were Jack Ma and Lenovo. All the attendants treated Liu Chuanzhi with respect. He never scolded the staff and did not haggle the price. Waiters get paid and respected. What’s wrong with that?

Liu Chuanzhi has helped countless people without asking for money. He has no interest in the CCP companies’ shares. China would have sucked even more in the Internet business without Lenovo breaking through in technology. Many IBM executives say that Liu Chuanzhi is a very patriotic person. At all times, he speaks for the Chinese people. The CCP cannot represent the Chinese people.

 Once, I dined at my private club at Mitsubishi Bank in Japan. Shi Yuzhu and Xu Jiayin had just left, and the Japanese were looking at them as a joke. The Japanese talked about four people, one of whom was Liu Chuanzhi, very honest and modest, and confidently defending the dignity of the Chinese. I said the CCP would definitely punish him one day. Weren’t Liu Shaoqi and Peng Dehuai communists? This Communist China society does not have room for elites and good people.

Fang Zhouzi, Sima Nan, and Hu Xijin provoke the world to hate the Chinese.

Liu Chuanzhi is not a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs. He represents the people with a conscience. What have Fang Zhouzi, Sima Nan, and Hu Xijin brought to the Chinese people? They are a disgrace to the Chinese people. Someday, our New Federal State of China (NFSC) must put Fang Zhouzi, Sima Nan, and Hu Xijin on the strictest trial. For the sake of these three, we must retain the death penalty.

Wang Qishan said that Sima Nan was a genius and was his student. Wang Qishan was not impressed by Zhou Xiaoping, who served the master Xi Jinping. Sima Nan is a mini-me of Wang Qishan. Wang Qishan cultivated Hu Shuli and Sima Nan. Even the BBC’s boss has to yield to Hu Shuli. Wang Qishan makes the Chinese live in poverty and listen to Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi. The good news is that these sons of a bitch are vaccinated.

We, the Rule of Law Fund and the Rule of Law Society, will sue Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi under the law and find out their families’ properties. Sima Nan and Fang Zhouzi are grossly racist and discriminate against Chinese and Americans. They threaten the entire Chinese population in the West. For every extremist word they speak, our children and grandchildren are likely to pay the price.

What is the concept of a State?

A state is a representative power in a particular area and is recognized by all. Western countries have “one person, one vote,” unlike Kim in North Korea, who was elected by people under intimidation. State finance and fiat money are tools for people to exchange their productivity. Digital currencies have no borders and are tools for exchanging labor.

The CCP spends a trillion dollars a year maintaining social stability, and 40% of them is spent overseas. Communist China has only 2,700 hospitals, and the United States has 30,000 hospitals. Foreigners do not understand why the CCP spends so much money overseas. The CCP buys off other countries, so they don’t break the CCP’s lies and turn against them. As a result, the CCP has expanded their sphere of influence as far as they can.

The concept of a country is definitely not the same as the territory of a country. A country is where its influence can reach. A country is where the people believe in it and accept its financial and monetary system. What’s Gettr’s slogan? A platform for a common voice, a common secure and mutually maintained system, and a common monetary system (Gettr world).

The currency is only really worth something when anyone will accept it in any situation.

What is the most crucial thing in life? Number one is safety, number two is health, and number three is happiness. It’s so easy to be happy with Himalaya Loan. The essence of a loan is that your Himalaya Coin is worth something when anyone will accept it in any situation. If only the Himalaya Federal Reserve could take the Himalaya Coin as collateral, the coin is not worth anything at all. If someday no one wants to compete for taking your coins as collateral, you are ripped off. That’s the logic, and if it doesn’t fit that logic, it must be a scam.

Why does Miles Guo address everyone as brothers and sisters?

On day one, I called you twitter followers, brothers in arms, and brothers and sisters. When I call you brothers, I have older brothers but no younger brother in my family because the CCP killed my only younger brother. I have no sisters and no aunts in my family. So when I call you my brothers and sisters, my feelings are different from yours. The most important source of our human affinities is the family. Regardless of religion, family is the root of everything, just how relationships are expressed. The most important family connection is the connection by blood. Families ensure common security and the continuation of generations and wealth. The CCP has broken everything down.

Xi Jinping is terrified.

Xi Jinping’s biggest fear is being forced to step down, and China’s Gorbachev will punish him. China will definitely have its Yuan Shikai or Gorbachev, as the Soviets called him. In Xi Jinping’s eyes, the shitty CCP and Chinese people are all his tools. If a robber comes, you should not expect him to distinguish between hard-earned money and stolen money. You should not expect the robber to leave you some money to survive, never. The robber will take all the money and kill your whole family. Xi is now afraid to even leave the country. Since January 2020, Xi has had no fixed residence. He has to roam around, cover his tracks, and pretend to be a god to fool his enemies. He dares not tell anyone where he lives and what he eats. When he is sick, he probably prefers to change doctors 100 times a day. Mao, Hitler, and Stalin combined are not as crazy as Xi. He is scared to death.

Alliance is the magic trick.

All futuristic movies in America are about alliances, such as the justice alliance and the dark alliance. People who know how to make alliances are the most superior. Miles Guo has brought together all the strayed Chinese who the CCP has brainwashed. Alliance is the unique magic trick that makes Miles Guo the winner in the world. I (Miles Guo) can make the world realize that the CCP is the mafia and we are the justice force. We have perfected the use of alliance, and we created shared prosperity; we did it.

An alliance is about having capabilities, a common voice, and shared faith. No matter where we go, we are allies and confederates. You’ll go farther in a world without enemies. We have saved so many people just by telling the vaccine truth. We are the only organization in the world that can destroy another organization (the CCP) by saving people instead of killing and by building a spiritual and de facto union. All of this comes down to a way of thinking that is bigger than faith.

The new GTV investment deadline is in December. How can we make sure the price of Himalaya Coin doesn’t drop when we all sell the coins to fund the GTV investment? 

Brothers in arms invested less than 1 billion dollars, so it won’t cause volatility in the market. The deadline is in December. Only $100-$200 million of additional investment has been registered. It is very little money compared to the pool of money in Himalaya Coins.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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