Peter Navarro Demands the Chinese Communist Party to Provide the Virus Original Genome Sequences

Translated by: MOS Education Team -Angelina

On Nov.20 War room show, Mr. Bannon was shocked to hear that in a four-hour-long virtual summit between Xi and Biden, none of them mentioned the virus and the Wuhan lab. Peter Navarro stated that the United States not only should hold Communist China accountable but also should order them to provide the true origin of CCPvirus and the original gene sequence of the virus.

Mr. Navarro stressed that the only way to develop an effective vaccine to replace the current poisonous vaccines is to get the original gene sequences of the virus. He also said that current vaccines are research products based on weakened spike proteins. It causes much more disasters than its effectiveness. He urged the United States should be aware of the Chinese Communist Party is a threat to humankind; otherwise, the United States will be controlled and governed by evil.


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