The CCP Uses COVID-19 QR Code to Control Their People’s Movements

Nov. 25th, 2021

A security guard checks health codes on people’s smartphones at a tourist shopping street in Beijing, on Aug. 3, 2021. (Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo)

A recent story published by The Epoch Times on November 23rd, 2021,  goes on to tell the worrying revelation that the CCP is using the very virus (COVID-19) they created and infected the world with to control the movements of their own people by adopting a pandemic related Health Code- QR code system on cellphones.

Basically, the ‘movement controlling’ system issues green, yellow, and red codes based on their digital locational footprints within a 14 day period. People must have a green code to go to most if not all public places and travel, if you have a red code then more than likely you are going to be getting an immediate visit from a fully equipped ‘Pandemic control’ unit as this code means Forced Quarantine.

If that doesn’t sound oppressing enough what seems to be happening according to multiple reports is the CCP is actually using this QR system to deny entry or access to places for whoever they feel fit, like the Chinese rights lawyer ‘Xie Yang’ trying to visit the mother of a jailed journalist Zhang Zhan. According to Xie, the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has found a new means to suppress dissidents under the guise of pandemic control. “They only need to do a little trick with the health code … then they can control a person’s movements.”

For a more detailed report on this daunting story please click here:Chinese Regime Uses COVID-19 QR Code to Restrain Rights Lawyers’ Mobility

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